Greetings from Seattle

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Garden Touring 4

We got a late start on our NPA garden touring last Saturday so we only had time to get to two gardens in the Snoqualmie Ridge development.  They were small gardens, but both were lovely.

Susan Ransey used every bit of her small yard to create a magical world of color and texture. 

 I liked the lights on the arbor, that can be seen from the dining room. 

 The mixed sedum borders added interesting color and texture. t. 

 There was even a vegetable garden squeezed between the houses. 

Leona Persinger created a tranquil space for outdoor living in her small garden. 

 Leona's granddaughter helped her create this fairy home, hidden deep in a garden corner. 

 Even the planting along the back alley was meticulously groomed. 
That ends the tour from last weekend.

This weekend is fast approaching, and the weather has gone hot on us again, so it will be a scorcher.  No more garden touring this weekend.  Instead there will be hydroplanes on Lake Washington, and the Blue Angels flying overhead, and a Sounders match at the stadium Saturday night.  It's SeaFair Weekend in Seattle.

Some of us will go to the actual boat races on Sunday, and some of us will stay home and watch on TV.  We'll all also be preparing to depart on Monday for Rockaway Beach on the Oregon coast. Busy times. 


  1. More luscious, meticulously maintained gardens. Beautiful. My hydrangeas have very few blossoms this year. I'm wondering how to inspire them??

  2. Beautiful and very colorful gardens. And yes, it's hot here in Bellingham, too. I'm so ready for fall, and some real rain for a change. I'm now definitely turning into a PNW native! :-)

  3. That's amazing. First there's so much stuff in a small area. Then there's a variety in both leaf and flowers. Nice job in showing this garden.

  4. Even in small spaces, those gardens are huge with delight.

  5. Small but perfectly formed, a gorgeous creation.

  6. Wow! Both of these gardens are spectacular with their excellent use of plants to create rhythm and contrast. Plant lovers with great design sense.

  7. Beautiful gardens but those houses are so close together...uffda hardly room to breathe:(

  8. You do keep busy. Those beautiful gardens look fresh and green. It is very hot and dry here. The teeny tiny garden is drying up.

  9. What you call a small garden is pretty ambitious for my area. Such a well planned area. Just lovely.

  10. Amazing gardens! I love the multi colored smooth rocks and especially the fairy garden!

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