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Monday, July 27, 2015

Touring Gardens 2

The Garden of Pam and Darrel Coney is located on a partially wooded acre in the foothills above Woodinville.  
 From the front entrance there are views down into the lower yard. 

 We descend a walkway to the terraced hillside and the Bocce Ball court. 
 Looking back up toward the house.
 The gazebo at the bocce ball court. 
 The owners built the retaining walls to hold the hillside and terrace it for planting. 

 Lower down is a meadow and a barn.  Creative projects are happening here. 

 Alliums of the natural and created kind.
Back up the hillside, along side the house, steps lead to the upper, back yard. 

 In the back border the plantings are lush and rich in color and texture. 

 A waterfall plunges into the pool. 

 There are lots of lovely seating areas in this garden. 

 Looking into the waterfall plantings from the Falls Walk.

 As we approached the deck, there were birds flitting everywhere.  The water, the cover and the feeders make for a happy home for feathered friends. 

 On the deck we visited with the owners, identified some of the birds, and enjoyed warm-out-of-the-oven ginger cookies.  

Wow.  What a place!  I could be happy here.


  1. These people used an endless variety of greens in this garden. Much of the yard was sculpted very nicely. You worked hard on this post.

  2. What a special and beautiful garden! Love the greenhouse shots, the fish, all of it! I'm especially enjoying these tours as I wasn't able to visit them myself. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful garden! My gardens are never really done, they always seem a work in progress. I love that the PNW is so green and the blooms are so vivid. It is too hot and dry in N Calif. for a lot of plants and the colors fade rather quickly.
    Enjoying your tours, thanks so much for posting them!

  4. Now that was an impressive garden. The planters were a delight and the terraces stunning a beautiful setting with some wonderful planting. Loved the greenhouse. An inspiration.

  5. It truly is a beautiful place. I love walking through these gardens with you, Linda. They are so impressive and peaceful. I can see why you would be happy here (but of course you have your very own wonderful garden). :-)

  6. what a wonderful place. you sure see some lovely gardens!

  7. Yet another gorgeous, expertly maintained garden. It makes me realize I need to get outside and weed like crazy!

  8. How interesting! Better Homes and Gardens never published anything that could equal this. I could be happy there too!

  9. This garden is beautiful too! I love your new header, and I bet you made the arrangement with flowers from your garden.

  10. What a cool(temperature wise) and refreshing garden. They have really put a lot of work into it. Hope they get time to just sit and enjoy the fruits of their labors. Always think a water feature sets off a garden.

  11. I am blown away. That is a beautiful garden

  12. Thank you for sharing these gardens with us. This way we don't have to drive around and I can enjoy them here in Hawaii.


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