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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Annual Christmas Shops Field Trip - Sky Nursery

Monday went on record as the darkest December day in nine years here in Seattle. The rain was heavy and persistent.  What better way to spend the day than in shops full of glitter and good cheer. 

We changed up our destinations a bit this year, dropping Molbaks and adding Sky Nursery.  We were happy with our choice. 

Jan, Mavis, and Colleen, retired teachers with whom we have breakfast on Fridays, and always up for a fun field trip. 
 One section of this large garden center was turned into a Christmas wonderland of treasures. 

 I loved these fat felt Santas and long legged elves. 

 Jars of jelly, Kitchen Aid mixers and pieces of pie. Oh my!

 And there were lovely plants too!

 I don't know if this bench is comfy, but it sure is cool. 

 I would love to be a container designer in a nursery where you could pick from such a large selection of plants and not have to buy them!
From here we lingered over lunch at Panera before going to our second destination.


  1. Love all the plants and Christmas decorations.
    That parade in the previous post looked like fun, too.

  2. Great to see - Sky was my all time favorite any time of year. Great place to spend a sodden day.

  3. Just stunning stuff. We did something similar in the same kind of store and were overwhelmed. But it sure was fun.

  4. So much to look at! I like that good looking guy in the middle of all that festivity. And that bench is fabulous! :-)

  5. I love Sky Nursery. It's the very first PNW nursery I ever went to, and has a special place in my heart for that reason. I've never been there at Christmas, though, so thanks for sharing your photos of it.

  6. That's exactly how I spent a good part of my Monday too. It's a lot of fun ( although I spent very little).

  7. That wood furniture sure does look cool! One day, I'll have to actually sit in one and see if it's comfy or not. Glad you enjoyed Sky. We went a couple of weekends ago and you saw some cool stuff that I missed.

  8. fun colorful activity for a dark day!

  9. That was an inspired way to spend a dark and otherwise dreary day. You have gotten me in the Christmas mood with all your recent photos.

  10. Such a fun place to shop, but almost overwhelming with all the selections!

  11. Oh Sky Nursery--I haven
    t been there in years. Thanks for taking me. LOL
    I used to make the containers at the Nursery where I worked. Loved to do it and could all year 'round. I worked at Emery's Garden between Mill Creek and Lynnwood. Neat Place not there anymore.---I had nothing to do with that. haha

  12. What an incredible place. There's so much to see and enjoy!


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