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Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Little Christmas Fun in Lovely Langley

We spent this weekend at our family cabin on Whidbey Island with Jill and Isaac and Irene.  What draws us there at this time of the year is the funny little holiday parade in the village of Langley.

It's not much of a parade compared to big city parades, but it's fun and it gets us to the cabin for some family time and a change of pace in this busy season.

It was rainy and windy Saturday morning.  We stopped at a Christmas Market in the Bayview Grange Hall before arriving in Langley, where we had time to check out a few shops before finding our spot under the shelter of the marque of the old Clyde Theater. 

We were dressed for the weather, but it wasn't as bad as we expected.  It was nice to have shelter, though.

 We did hope the parade was "coming soon". 
The old Dog House and our favorite Chocolate Flower Farm were across the street. 

And here we go with the Langley Holly Jolly Holiday parade. 
We all love the bag pipe band that is featured every year. 
Kids wave and then scramble for tossed candy.

Other kids are in the parade. 
And animals too! 4H club animals. 

Orcas visit Langley, out in the Sound, and they take saving their whales seriously here. 
There are lots of small farms on the island, which is known for it's "island time" life style.
And there is always Santa!

That's all folks! Now we'll cruise a few more shops on Main Street. 
There was a store front decorating contest.  I don't know who won, but I sure liked this 12 Days of Christmas at this gallery. 

I liked this one too. 
The bag pipe band played on at Boy and Dog Park, and we lingered to listen. 

It even stopped raining! We ended up at Useless Bay Coffee Company for lunch, stopped at a few bazaars, and were back at the cabin for some down time and then time for playing board games. 

Today, Sunday, the Seahawks played the Vikings in Minnesota at 10:00, so after a big breakfast we enjoyed the game as the wind howled out on the bay. 

I walked over at half time to watch the waves crashing on the beach at high tide, kinda' like the Seahawks washed over the Vikings today! The kite surfers were loving it. 

We packed up and were on our way home by mid-afternoon.  It was a good break. 


  1. A good break, indeed! The parade and the lovely Christmas decorations look like lots of fun. I especially like the animals in the parade.

  2. We sure know how to deal with the wind and rain, don't we? It blew here all night long and today and tomorrow we'll have some REAL rain. :-)

  3. That seems like such a wonderful treat in the midst of the hustle and bustle season. i liked the image of the wave of Seahawks crushing the Vikings.

  4. Rainy cold is the worst. You all look pretty bundled up.

  5. fun in the rain and a parade too...

  6. Small parades are the best and you had time to visit many unique shops.I also notice that a certain grandson is getting close to being taller than Grandpa! Now you were very hardy to be out in such nasty weather but I do like the waves at high tide,

  7. There is a little community near us called Alert, NC. They put on a Christmas parade every year. I've never been but have been told the parade consists of a tractor or two, a tricycle, a dump truck, a few motorcycles, and Santa being pulled on a flat bed trailer. I really need to go see this parade and take pictures for my blog. It is only about five miles away. You have the sweetest family. Jill is so pretty. I love how you all enjoy doing things together.

  8. Looks like a great mini break. I love the Christmas parades and the decorating of the shops, beautiful. Lovely family memories.

  9. I am a loss! In the ten years I have lived here I have not gone to our little home town parade.

  10. Nice parade! We don't follow Football so I had no idea the Viqueens got crushed:)

  11. I love all the pictures! We've visited Langley a couple of times through the years ( always in summer) and we've never been disappointed. It truly is a great place.
    Awesome waves in the beach pics.

  12. A nice break! I could get used to "island time!"

  13. Wow, what a lot of wonderful excitement.

  14. That looks like such a fun parade. You're so lucky to have an island to go to for some extra excitement. Your beautiful grandkids are growing up so quickly!


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