Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Field Trip Part 2 - Wight's Home and Garden

Each year Wight's turns into Christmas Land, with dozens of decorated theme trees and thousands of ornaments. It is a wonderland, and the one stop on our field strip that does not change. 
We entered through the Seahawks themed door, hurriedly, to escape the rain.

 We went our separate ways, some headed for specific treasures.  Tom and I just started at was what nearby, slowly working our way through the amazing maze. 
 We noticed in both shops a return to the vintage - here new icicles packaged to look old. 

 And you thought MY tree was stuffed!

 The little cone and feather birds were so cute!

 From the forest to the formal to the sea!

 Oh, I did find a very special Santa to add to my collection, but alas it was a bit too precious, to the tune of $246.99! No wonder it was locked in a glass case. It did not come home with me. 

 How about this for Christmas tea?

 I liked these fused glass plates. 
 Gingerbread you don't have to bake.

 Oh, you could have a Seahawks/Sounders themed house!
 Between the two shops I did come home with a few treasures.
Feathered and glass clip on birds for the tree, plus a pineapple and a Santa ornament.  Yes we did find room for them on our tree. 
And for the Santa collection, just this little velvet old style Father Christmas. There's always room for one more, as long as they are small. 


  1. You never stint on the pictures, Linda! It's like I was there with you. :-)

  2. Lots of pretty things to see. I like your little green velvet Santa. I remember the really old clip-on birds on my parents tree way back when. They looked a lot like the one closest to green Santa.

  3. I like your choices! Those trees were so full how do you see all the ornaments...but I suppose some are sold right off the trees. Fun place to visit:)

  4. My hat is off to you for self control because that really was a very special Santa. I did not for a second think you would walk away with nothing though! I really like the clip on birds.

  5. wow, love the blue and green decorations...Caryn says she never has too many Father!

  6. Wow is all I can say! This place is truly a Christmas wonderland. We were there last week and I missed some of the things that you photographed as it was so overwhelming and our first time there. This is going on our list of places to go every year from now on!

  7. Nice Christmas ornaments. I have decided to keep it simple this year with just a blue cellophane tree on my coffee table. Even without lights, the cellophane sparkles.

  8. Now that really was a feast for the eyes. Some spectacular ornaments and décor, it is impossible to choose one.

  9. If this wouldn't put you in a Christmas mood, nothing would. My favorite are the clobes with feathers.

  10. Ooooh shiney! Saprkley, makes me want to go shop again. I'm in love with your selections in the last picture.

  11. Your take-home choices are very tasteful. I'd have chosen 'em myself! (GOT to put up our tree.)

  12. Wight's another grand place to visit. In changing the greenhouse around my manager would sometimes send me to Wight's to check on their arrangements. Always fun to go on a field trip.

  13. I shudder to think how long it must have taken to set everything up in that shop. You can't help but get into the holiday spirit once you enter that play. Awesome!

  14. I flat out love that store. The one near us that has that same look is called "Christmas Lights"...year round too. Your tree does look a bit like ours...which is red this year.

  15. Reposted from the tree page:
    "I do like this tree a lot. It's a wonderful passionate fun tree. I also appreciate your telling us about the ornaments. I have critters under my tree too. No Eyore or Tiger, but lots of bears with stories to share. You inspire me.


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