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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Tree

The last task in decorating our home for Christmas is putting up the tree. 

With all of the ornaments we have collected over the years, our tree may be groaning under the weight, and in fact, we have had to leave a few less meaningful ornaments in the boxes. 
 There are Santas on the tree, of course. 
 In recent years I have been collecting fruits and vegetables. Do you see the broccoli, the fruit basket and the green pepper? There are birds of many kinds. The grandfather clock is significant for the year we brought my mother's tall case clock home to live in our house. 
Left to right, find the avocado, orange slice, banana, hamburger, berries and the pea pod. I made the felt ornaments, like the bird here, many years ago, when we had very few ornaments, very young children, and not much discretionary cash. 
 Blueberries, eggplant and cherries. Lower down, a green house. 
 Garden faeries.
 Bees, birds, butterflies, and celery!
 Peacocks for Irene.
 Garden tools, melon, grapes, and cauliflower. A fireplace to commemorate our remodeling and adding a new fireplace in our family room.
 Here is vintage and precious - a little collection of ornaments made by our kids when they were very young: a walnut that has lost its glitter, an egg carton bell, baby food jar lids with stickers, a Styrofoam and glitter bell, a little felt drum, and to me, the best of all, Jake's stop sign. Writing was a new skill then, and he liked words and shapes.  On the back the design is his name, Jacob, in proper lower case letters, of course! 
 Oh, I see the pickle! Finding it means good luck!
 There are horses and pigs scattered everywhere on the tree, from the many years our kids collected them - horses for Jill and pigs for Jake. 

 A potato, turnip, and carrot.
 Krampus, just because. Mozart all the way from Salzburg, Austria, which gets us into the travel section of the tree: Vicksburg canon, Taliesin West/Frank Lloyd Wright designed metal bookmark, pottery roadrunner.
 Philadelphia City Hall, crown from the royal palace in Stockholm, Sweden and the flag from a shop in Norway, decorated egg shells from Austria, a Vermont covered bridge, a bell from Santorini, and so much more. 

 And under the tree, the Winnie-the-Pooh characters made by Tom's mother for our kids many years ago. 


  1. Awesome but I like the Santa collection best. Had no idea you could buy so many fruit and vegetable ornaments.

  2. I like how full your tree is. I thought mine was full but I think I can hang a few more baubles on. I've also placed teddy bears around the base of the tree...

  3. Your tree is amazing, and beautiful!! I picture the smiles and the conversation between you and Tom as you hung each ornament, remembering when and where you bought it or when it was made. You are such a special family.

  4. Now that is what I call a memory tree, full of your life's happenings, a ornament for each major event and trip. Stunning, you are truly blessed.

  5. I smiled through the entire tree, enjoying looking at all the different sections and thinking about how wonderful it would be to have such memories all cherished and saved on the tree. Thank you for taking me on your Christmas tree excursion. :-)

  6. impressive, memory tree, a march through history of your family. I used to have an angel on top of my tree too from my childhood but it disappeared or disintegrated over the years....

  7. Lovely tree all full of memories! I liked Jake's stop sign too! :)

  8. A tree with many memories, cool.

  9. This is a labor of love. Nicely done. People will enjoy this as they visit you.

  10. I don't believe I have ever seen a tree so packed with ornaments. It is clear that there are many joys in your life and you have ways to celebrate them. Enjoy every minute of the season.

  11. Your meaningful tree is something I look forward to seeing each year! Thanks for spreading the joy!

  12. Beautiful tree with memories! Makes me want to get all my ornaments out this year but I have gone with a small slender tree.

  13. Your tree is absolutely awesome, Linda! I'm in awe.

  14. I do like this tree a lot. I also appreciate your telling us about the ornaments too. I also have critters under my tree. No Eyore or Tiger, but lots of bears with stories to share. You inspire me.


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