Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tom's Christmas Project

When Jill and her kids moved into their newly purchased 1960's split level home three years ago, there were lots of things that needed fixing. The most necessary things came first, like unclogging the plumbing, adding some electrical outlets, fixing the roof, and last summer, removing the non-functioning hot tub, refurbishing the deck, and installing a new hot tub.

In an effort to make her small kitchen more functional. Jill moved the refrigerator out of it's space to a blank wall, leaving a hole in the cabinets and counter top where it used to be. She had a drop in cook top with no counter tops beside it, and a small wall oven.  For Christmas she asked Santa for a new kitchen stove and cabinets to finish off the space.

Santa Tom has been busy fulfilling her wish.  Jill picked out her stove several weeks ago. We were able to match the stock cabinets and counter top. This Monday, with Jake's help, the transformation began.
Cook top gone. 
Cabinet gone. 
Jake helping install new cabinets.

Counter tops on. 
Leveling the stove. 

Tuesday Tom built a shelf for the microwave and added trim pieces.
 Today, Wednesday, I helped install the shelf, and we got everything cleaned up.  This evening Tom applied the first coat of Verathane to the new cabinets. 
Jill will have her gift in time for cooking Christmas Day dinner.

Hurrah for Santa Tom/Dad!


  1. What a job well done. A very competent man you married!

  2. That's a great improvement, and what a nice Santa gift to Jill (and the kids). :-)

  3. Tom does good work! Jill's kitchen is looking great!

  4. I am always envious of your talent and perseverance. It is a gift of love and time as well.

  5. Marvelous. I love how your gifted family pulls together.

  6. Wow, Santa does amazing things in Seattle. No doubt he'll be worn out by the time he gets to us in Oregon. Good thing I'm not expecting a lot from him.

  7. Fitting appliances into older cabinets can be a challenge. Frodges are high and stoves are wider. If we have to replace the wall oven , we have to get new cabinets. I don't think I could find a Santa to do the job.

  8. Looks like a great fix! Two ovens she can really bake up a storm:)

  9. What a nice gift. It makes the kitchen pretty.

  10. I'm sure your daughter will find the new stove and counter space a big help, especially when preparing the Christmas feast.

  11. Please send Tom here.... You too.... We need your talents here


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