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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

NPA Open Gardens, June 11: Two in Columbia City

One of the joys of touring private gardens is getting to visit neighborhoods all over the Seattle area.  Our first two stops on Saturday were in an area of lovely old homes in the Columbia City neighborhood. 

The Herschel home sat above a tree lined boulevard. The driveway has been paved with paving stones and insets of pebble mosaics. 
A deck on the front of the house was hidden from the street by pots of roses and clematis covered lattice. 

The car port was converted to a patio and the garage into a garden shed. 

The shallow back yard seemed large because of the trees, limbed up maples that added a canopy without taking up much space. 

Since the second house was only a block away, we walked. The neighbor cat noted our passing. 
We got to enjoy other gardens along the way. 

The Daggett home has a corner lot with lots of sidewalk frontage. Susan made good use of it. 

Here is the gardener, pointing out a planting to another visitor. 
Above the sidewalk, in the front yard, unseen from the street, was a vegetable garden. 

With a little seating area hidden away. 
The back yard was revised to accommodate a wheel chair ramp.

City lots require you to use all your space well. The raspberry patch was tucked in the alley behind the garage. 

I do love the use of subtle color layering - the purple grape, the mauve hydrangea, and the deeper shade of  purple on the window frame. 
And yes, there were yummy cookies too. 


  1. Wow, beautiful gardens. Even if I were young I can't imagine myself being able to grow such gardens. Must require an enormous amount of work. Worth the effort though.

  2. It's always so much fun to see other people's gorgeous gardens. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  3. They certainly do use their space well, that's for sure. I love the converted carport and garage. And bonus points for cookies. ~Sharon

  4. Another lovely garden. I especially like the tucked-away seating area. :-)

  5. Gorgeous gardens! They represent much dedicated work, but oh, the results!

  6. You nailed it when you said good use of space on a corner property...color shape size..they have it all.

  7. so lush and green! Every inch is used well.

  8. Living down here with little water, I so love your posts. Thank you.

  9. I must try such a tour for it gives some great ideas. I'm going to try the big potted roses for our big deck.

  10. I love the gardens around older homes. This makes me want to go outside and dig in the dirt! My favorite picture here twelve down. And, how does one grow a butterfly bush that will have big blooms like the one above? I have several and the blooms are little and spindly looking. I'm getting slack, as I had missed two of your posts. Enjoyed catching up.


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