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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Two More Gardens in West Seattle

After the exuberance of Laurel's  hillside garden, it was a contrast to visit the stately hillside home of Marie Sever.
 We climbed the hillside to see the view and meet Marie.

Here again, a large home on a city lot means you use your space well.
 The back patio, next to the garage that faced the access alley.

 The shady side yard that took us back to the front of the house.
 Our final stop was at the newly constructed home of Greg Olsen and Avery Armstrong. Here most of the plantings have only been in place for about 18 months.

 Colors have been carefully chosen to coordinate with the house color.

It will be interesting to see how this garden fills in and changes over time.

And now I am caught up with posting from last weekend, just in time to go exploring again.


  1. We have had constant rain since early this morning. Now (5:30) it's let up, finally. Hope you had a better day. :-)

  2. It's such fun to be able to walk around someone's garden and see what they've done.

  3. Many people, including me, do not think of our house color when we chose plants for gardening.

  4. I'm a little surprised at the brown patches in the grass this early in the year. I would have thought there'd been enough rain to prevent that. Do you people with the beautiful gardens not water the patches of grass? Now that I've mentioned watering, how much do you water?

    1. This early spring has been hard on lawns. With several stretches of 80 to 90 degree temps, the grass, usually rain watered through early July, has suffered.
      Because water is a precious resource, many here no longer keep grass green through the summer drought. We do water. We have a sprinkler system, but it cannot keep up with very warm temps,and even with some extra hose ans sprinkler watering, we also have brown patches already. Our water bill in summer matches our heat bill in winter.

  5. I couldn't live with the house that close together, but the gardens are lovely:)

  6. The NPA garden opens are so much fun! Love the faces on the fountain in the first garden!


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