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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Soos Creek Botanical Garden

After our walk along the Soos Creek Trail Saturday morning, we drove a little farther south to the Soos Creek Botanical Garden.

This is a garden we have visited several times before, and one we love. 
Entrance garden

Looking out toward the borders and the pond

Does this creature roar or "bark"?

Buggy but beautiful. I think the frogs better get busy. 
The mainstays of the borders are golden yew and purple barberry. 

Inula helenium against golden yew.

Shrub color and texture in the borders.
Walking inside and behind the border. 
Wildlife sighting!

The cedar grove and the bottom of the garden. 

Raindrops on False Solomon's Seal.

Walking through the other of the double borders. 

Off to the rose garden

We didn't cover it all, but we checked out most of it. 
If you live in this area and haven't visited this botanical garden, put it on your list!


  1. It's hard to believe you have that many beautiful gardens around you plus your own back yard. I don't know the name of that big leafed plant Tom is standing by but aren't those leaves extremely rough? I never tire of looking at moss in the PNW.

  2. What a delightful place to spend the day drinking in the beauty. Your area has such a large amount of gardens to enjoy. Exercise and eye candy all in one. Ahhh.

  3. As usual, I loved visiting this garden with you. There are so many to peruse. I'm sure tired of that wildlife. :-)

  4. You certainly took us on an amazing tour, a really enchanting garden, stunning.

  5. What a beautiful garden and look at the size of those leaves they could almost swallow up Tom:)

  6. I can see why you go back so many times. There's a lot to take in.

  7. Ah, the lush coolness of the garden is refreshing as we melt in 108 temps...

  8. There is such a wealth of beauty in your photos. We are so fortunate to be able to share pics.

  9. Thanks for the reminder to visit this beautiful garden! It's not far and yet I've still not seen it. Great pictures as always!


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