Greetings from Seattle

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Saturday Morning Walk

Since it is Father's Day weekend, and we are without children around, we planned to just do as we please.  It pleases us to take destination walks and visit gardens. So we did. 

Saturday morning we drove to the Kent trail head for the Soos Creek Trail, located in a preserved greenbelt along the creek that serves as a drainage basin for the surrounding area. 
 Through the woods and over the creek. 
 Not much of a creek here,
 but it opens out into a marshland and a swampy area. 
 We have not yet identified this marsh plant. We had not seen it before. 

 Wild rose and spirea.
 Fortunately we do not have alligators!
Horsetail, a lovely ground cover or an indestructible garden invader? It all depends on the venue. 
 Red elderberry is already in full color.
 We had seen a mature bald eagle swoop through the trees already, so we were not surprised to see this immature eagle land on the snag over the trail. 

 Turn around time. 

 Back under the power lines what we think is a red tailed hawk caused a ruckus around the crows. 

 The morning was cool and damp, a misty moisty morning, but not wet enough to spoil our enjoyment of this walk through a bit of bird-song-filled paradise.  


  1. I was surprised this morning to receive a call wanting me to volunteer to lead tours in a wetlands near here. Who knows, come fall you may find me out on the trails. It would certainly be good for me that's for sure.

  2. You find such interesting places to walk.

  3. Beautiful, as always. I enjoyed the walk very much. And the pictures. :-)

  4. Very pretty. I have yet to see an eagle while out walking, but I hope to one day.

  5. I would call that a refreshing walk. It was cool and moist. And added to that you had great scenery and a good view of an eagle.

  6. Beautiful, well-maintained walking trail.

  7. Nice walk - swamps are very interesting - full of diversity. I even love the smell of skunk cabbage as it reminds me spring is here. Cattails are one of nature's breadbasket plants. While I love summer, I probably couldn't love it as much without the swampy areas to keep things cool!

  8. bird song filled paradise certainly is a good description...althought we have lots of bird songs here in the hot desert!

  9. Another great place to walk which is also going on my list! Could the mystery flower belong to Veratrum viride or Veratrum californicum?


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