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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Another Busy Saturday - From Here to There

We were away early this morning to join up with members of our garden group for a tour of Wolf Haven International. 
Wolf Haven, located out on the mound prairie near Tenino, about an hour and a half drive south of Seattle, is a sanctuary for displaced and captive-born wolves. 

 The wolves live in large enclosures as couples, male and female, one pair to a pen. Native gray wolves, like these, are not bred, since they are not endangered. 
 As the docent was talking to us near the first pen, a wolf somewhere on the sanctuary began to howl. Soon there was a chorus of howling all over the compound. What a greeting!

 Another enclosure held Mexican wolves. This pair is past breeding and is on display. Since Mexican and red wolves are endangered, the sanctuary has a breeding a and release program for them. 

 There are about 50 wolves in the sanctuary, and I was disappointed that we only saw three pairs, but I do understand the reason. A sanctuary is for the animals, their needs and their comfort. It is animal-centric, rather than human-centered. 

 As we were wrapping up the tour, standing in front of a coyote pen, The howling commenced spontaneously again. Hello and goodby!

Since Tom and I had other places to be, we did not stay for the prairie tour, but because we arrived early, we did venture out just a bit. 
 I mentioned that this is a mound prairie. Scattered over a large area of this part of the state are mounds of earth, up to six feet high and 55 feet in diameter, evenly dispersed. While many theories have been offered as to why they exist, no one knows for sure. 
 Ox-eye daises and other wild flowers are in bloom on the prairie. 

 Here also is the cemetery for the departed wolves. Wolves live in the sanctuary until they die, enjoying a much longer life than animals in the wild. They are honored in death with marked graves. 

We were off by 11:15, headed back to Seattle, where, already geared up, we caught the 12:45 light rail train into the city. 
 The sky was clearing as we looked out over the valley from the train. It turned into a beautiful afternoon, perfect for soccer in Seattle.  The Sounders match began at 2:00. 
 It is Pride week in Seattle and the LGBT community is being honored with lots of rainbows,
 including tifo produced by the Emerald City Supporters. 
The afternoon was beautiful, the crowd of 47,000 was colorful, the setting was wonderful, but the game was not so pretty. It ended with a disappointing 2-0 loss to NYCFC. 

We marched off into the city, and caught the light rail back home in time to see most of the US Men's National Team play for third place in the Copa America. They lost too, to Colombia, but it was a respectable 1-0. 

And now we are tired, and settled in for the evening.
More adventures tomorrow. 


  1. While the sanctuary is for the wolves they seem to sense a group of people visitng as the greet and say bye in their own way. We have much to understand about animals ways of communication. And for that matter all life it seems.
    Your day sure was action packed. Here all is about the soccer matches in France.

    1. Yes, my son is eagerly following European football. He is on the bandwagon for Iceland!

  2. you keep busy, I would be exhausted just trying to keep up with you two. Interesting info on the sanctuary and the mounds-wonder if any have beeen excavated?

    1. Yes, the mounds have been excavated, and there is nothing of significance in them, just more earth and sand and gravel, typical of this glacial terminus region. Glacial deposits is one theory of their formation.

  3. They are beautiful animals. I'd love to hear them howl. How cool.

  4. I read about that wolf howling thing, where one starts and they all join in. You have such interesting posts and places you visit, Linda, I never know where you're going to take me next. Unless it's the light rail for a Sounders game. Sorry about the loss, but what a fine day you had! :-)

  5. What a delightful day (except for the soccer loss). I would have loved seeing the wolves, soccer, not so much. I'd rather hear wolves howling than humans howling.

  6. I can't believe there is a cemetery for wolves. Wow!

  7. What a fun day. I would have loved to see the wolves, mounds and flowers. A great adventure.

  8. That howling thing occurred with dogs when I had my shelter, much to the distress of my neighbors. One will get them all going. What a wonderful day you had with an up close adventure with wolves and a Sounders game. Sorry for the loss.

  9. Where do you find all the energy to do all these things? I wish more people would put the effort into living an active life.

  10. I remember from my growing up in the country hearing wolves howling. Made the hair on my neck stand up.

  11. Thank you for sharing Linda! I haven't heard about this place.
    P.S. It was nice to see you today at GH!

  12. I would love to visit Wolf Haven and see the wolves. Aren't the white wolves beautiful. I love that last picture of the coyote howling. That's neat, and so is the cemetery for wolves. Enjoyed your last post and trip to Whidbey Island.

  13. You visit the coolest places! It's nice that this sanctuary is animal centered but that's quite a drive for you!


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