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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Working Trip to Whidbey

Our Whidbey Island cabin is family owned, with four owners and lots of cousins as entitled users. We all pay a monthly fee for taxes, utilities, and upkeep.   The family keeps the cabin well booked during the spring and summer  months, but one week a year we rent it out to another family. We have been renting to this family for five years or more. That week's income goes a long way to paying the taxes on the property.

The rental week is usually right after the 4th of July. So that gives us all the incentive to get in and do the "spring cleaning". We have a list of jobs that need to get done annually, as well as a list that needs to be checked off each time someone uses the cabin.

Because we will be otherwise occupied on the designated cleaning day, the 5th of July, we came up this week to work on the list.

 Wednesday started out bright and beautiful. The lagoon was full and reflected the cloud patterns in a clearing sky.

 We started with the outside, cleaning out the garden, clipping and weeding, and then watering.

We picked up around the yard and washed the outside furniture. Then we moved inside to clean, stripping beds, washing mattress covers, sorting the linens, cleaning the kitchen cupboards, under all the sinks, vacuuming and dusting and chasing cobwebs. 

Work inside continued this morning, until we declared ourselves done. The list was all checked off, except for the things that will have to be done by the family members who stay here over the 4th.

We were ready to play this afternoon. Unfortunately that's when the weather changed. A front moved in with heavy rain. 

We drove to Langley to drop off some donations at the Good Cheer Thrift Shop, and then, because it was pouring down rain, we  were forced to go have lattes at the useless Bay coffee Company - inside. 

I did get a few photos taken when we got back to the cabin, when the rain let up briefly. 

The beach access is not looking very inviting. 
 Except for the Stover's pretty flower garden.

 Over on the bay it's the big gray. 
 The outdoor furniture, all cleaned up and ready, would be a wet seat this afternoon. 
Now it is late afternoon. Tom is gently snoring as he naps in his chair with his feet up on the ottoman. I have posted using my travel laptop and photos from my phone and two cameras. It's time to get back to the new book I just started.

We'll have a light dinner here and then head home. The weekend will be busy again. 


  1. Looks like a wonderful place. You are two of the busiest people I know. Good for you.

  2. Sounds like you did the bulk of the gardening and cleaning inside. How wonderful that your family can share it! :)

  3. You certainly rolled up your sleeves and did some major cleaning. Did you leave anything for other family members to do?!

  4. It looks lovely, even on a droopy day.

  5. Such a wonderful thing as a family to share and works so well renting to cover taxes. Put your feet up after all that hard work.

  6. Just beautiful even in the gray.

  7. What a good idea to rent out the cabin to defray expenses. Also great that you all share in the work. Bet the people that rent really appreciate the lovely home and view they enjoy. Hope they leave it the way they found it.

  8. rain would be a special and welcome occasion here in the desert heat!

  9. Such a wonderful place. A little piece of Heaven.

  10. With all you did I'm sure there's nothing left. I had resort property and it's fun but lots of work.

  11. Too bad the weather turned nasty just when you were done working. It's been very on and off rain then sun here all day. Actually, I think all week. But I believe we're in for a nice stretch starting very soon. Hope it extends your way.

  12. You did a lot for you share. Too bad the rain had to spoil your fun.

  13. Forced inside for lattes? How awful that must be on a rainy day:) I so admire you two and all you do!


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