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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fourth of July, 2016

My day started with more baking. I made blueberry orange muffins to take to the parade party. 
We arrived about 9:30, and people trickled in over the next hour, each bringing a new entree to add to the bountiful food tables. 
 Kids scampered about, some with their bikes decorated to ride in the parade. 
 That is our host, Becky, in the center of the photo, her antenna well tuned to all of her guests. 
 We visited with old friends. We didn't know most of the people, but everybody knows Becky.
 Shortly before the parade reached our near-to-the-end-of-the-route location, we were in our chairs. 
 Fire and police always lead the parade. 
There were a few "floats" loaded with kids.  This is a neighborhood parade. 
 And lots of vintage cars. 

 Including a certain pop top VW camper bus named Gus. 
 Gus the bus always enjoys the attention. So do driver Jill and passenger Irene. 

 Isaac, not so much. 

 This year their cousin Allie is along for the ride. She is staying with them for a long stretch this summer. 

 We met up with the crew at The cove, a City of Normandy Park owned park on the sound, where the vintage autos were parked, on display. 
 We got our free ice cream and pop corn and headed for the beach, lingering at the duck pond on the way.
 It was an extreme low tide, and the kids had fun finding creatures on the beach, especially little scuttly shore crabs. 

Then we all went home, Tom and I to rest up for the next round. 

We met up again at Jan's house over looking Henderson Bay. 

 The kids took to the water in their kayaks. 

 The barge was stocked with fireworks for the evening show. 
 Irene and Allie went swimming. It did take Irene a while to actually get into the cold Puget Sound Water. 

 I tossed them a stick and they played fetch.  Good dog!
 Then there was dinner - hot dogs and hamburgers and salads and fruit and, well, just lots of good food, including fresh oysters collected off the beach that morning for those who like oysters. 

And there was dessert, of course. 
As darkness finally began to settle, private fireworks filled the sky from all around the bay. 

Us too. Jill and the kids had their own stash. 

 And then the grand finale of this Independence Day, the big show from the barge. 

And that concludes the festivities for another Fourth. 

We are resting a lot today. 


  1. A very busy day, but filled with delights. Thanks for sharing them with me, I enjoyed them all. I am amazed at how much Irene has grown. And your fireworks are awesome!!! :-)

  2. Absolutely wonderful. Didn't cousin Allie spend a lot of last summer with Jill and the kids? Linda there's no way you and Tom are ready to cut back. If I had your life I wouldn't be living the life I'm living now either. I love seeing all your pictures and reading all your posts. Great fun.

  3. Love the pictures at the house party with people wearing long sleeves and jackets. I would have loved to have that kind of weather for the 4th. It was so hot here in Texas I couldn't even enjoy the free show.

  4. looks like a perfect fourth with family, parades, food and fireworks!

  5. Looks like a fun day! Jan has a nice view!! :)

  6. What a wonderful time y'all had!!! I am visiting from Linda's 'Two Fixer-Uppers' blog and my name is Linda, too!!! I am so pleased to meet you! Love your blog!

  7. Such a wonderful celebration, loved the parade, a real delight.

  8. This looks like a great day into night. It would be nice if my town did something like this. I love those old cars, particularly Gus the Bus.

  9. The quintessential Fourth! My son, grandson and I spent it in and on Lake Champlain. We discovered that there is a perfect view of the neighboring town's fireworks right from the front yard -- a real bonus to the condo.

  10. Beautiful pictures! Looks like a lovely way to celebrate the 4th :-)

  11. That's a lot of celebration! It's worth it in so many ways.

  12. This looks like the perfect 4th of July! That water in Puget Sound does look cold! I'm always happy to see your family together. You all always look so happy. And, I just looked at your last post. The flowers are beautiful!

  13. I just love Gus the VW bus. You certainly had a boat load of people for the day and per usual loads of great food.
    Sounds like the perfect day.

  14. What a beautiful holiday gathering. Blessings.

  15. Golly Linda you guys had quite a day.
    Happy Birthday America!

  16. You always do the most interesting things. I worked in my garden all day and am now close to caught up with the chores left undone this spring.

  17. You always do the most interesting things. I worked in my garden all day and am now close to caught up with the chores left undone this spring.


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