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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Family Activities

On Sunday Tom and I attended a combination family reunion and birthday party for my sister Laurie,   celebrating her 70th birthday. 

The festivities were held at my nephew Ben's home in Winlock, Washington. 

There was lots of visiting and eating. 
 We were blessed to my great nieces, Maggie and Della with us, granddaughters of my brother Hank. 
 Auntie Jordan loves her nieces and they love her.  
 Their beautiful mother Jessica has her hands full while her husband is away going to military school, but she is doing a great job, with the help of her family. 
 Siblings and cousins gathered together. 
 Old friends surprised Laurie in what was a sort-of-surprise party. 
 More (Mohr) cousins joined the party. 

 Young cousins wore themselves out playing. 
 And there was birthday cake!
 Laurie with most of her grandchildren. 
While we were partying, Jill was delivering her kids to scout camps. She dropped Isaac off for his ride in the morning and then she and the girls visited Snoqualmie Falls before taking them to Girl Scout camp at Camp River Ranch. 

Then as we settled in at home to walk, garden and watch political conventions, Jill went mountain climbing. 

Monday she drove to Mt Baker and climbed to base camp. 

Then on Tuesday she and her companion climbed the 5000 ft glacier climb to the summit. 
Then she climbed back down, got in her car and drove home, all on the same day! 

Tom and I have been watching a lot of both the Republican and Democratic conventions. We will be glad to have it all come to an end tomorrow. I'll write a post about it them. 

Then I can get back to spending more time in my garden. 


  1. what a busy happy family you have reunioning and hiking and camping...

  2. Wonderful get together. You can never see too much of siblings - or good cousins for that fact.

  3. Summertime gatherings outside are the best!! Good food, good conversation, good times.

  4. Yeah Jill what a view! :0
    Happy Birthday to your sister! :)

  5. Family reunions are great times. It's too bad it gets spoiled by politics.

  6. Jill is super to take a 3rd child for the summer. The twins are so wonderful, bet their dad hates being away from them. Bob went to Thailand when Susan was three months old. Sometimes the military is hard. Looks like a fun party.

  7. You all live life to the fullest. I was looking at your garden pictures from the previous post and thinking how I would love to be sitting in any one of the areas...til I started wondering how much time you actually get to just sit and gaze on the all fruits of your labors. Then I started to appreciate the lovely little herb planter on my little deck. ;-))

  8. Jill is a beautiful woman, and I am so impressed with her ability. It looks like it was a fun gathering, too. Today will be a hot one. When it gets above 75, I begin to suffer in the sun. But so far, our summer has been lovely, hasn't it? :-)

  9. I always enjoy seeing your family. Jill is an amazing and beautiful woman, isn't she! It's no wonder she still looks like a teenager and I love her long hair. Irene is beautiful too, and she is growing up so fast. Just looking at your last post and enjoyed seeing your gardens. Glad I didn't miss it. All of it is so pretty!

  10. Happy birthday, Laurie!
    Aloha from Hawaii.

  11. What is more fun than family reunions. Happy Birthday to your sister.
    Love that base camp photo. Your daughter sure has yours and Tom's energy.

  12. Congratulations to Jill and happy birthday to Laurie! What a fun filled day with family!


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