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Monday, July 11, 2016

More of the Gig Harbor tour

It was two weeks ago that we toured gardens in the Gig Harbor area as part of a fund raiser for literacy. I realized I never got back to finishing that tour on my posts, and then this Sunday we went on another tour near Gig Harbor, but extended over a much wider area. I took over 400 photos.  This tour is part of the Open Gardens program on the Northwest Perennial Alliance, a group we belong to, that features member gardens. 

The garden I'm showing today, owned by Bill and Peggy Fox, was on both tours.  We visited it two weeks ago. 

To describe this garden I am quoting from Peggy's description in the tour guide book.

"The Fox garden begins with a vegetable garden, fruit trees and a greenhouse on the upper driveway."

 "In the front entry garden there is a pool and waterfall."

 Behind the house a comfortable seating area provides a view toward Raft Island.  Massive stones create terraces for rockery plants and steps down to the water."

 Tom is always attracted to giant May Apple foliage. He hope his little plants will grow big like these. 

 "In the waterfront area are salt tolerant plants. Walk out to the dock and look back for a great view of the garden from below."

 Tom visits with our host Peggy out on the dock. 

After lingering in this lovely space, we work our way back up the hillside, following another stone path. 

 Back up in the entry garden we love the use of hakonechloa - Japanese forest grass - draping over the wall, just as it was used in the hillside to line the stone steps. 

 A new fence and arbor lead us up and out on the back side of the garage.
This is a place that is hard to leave. 


  1. what a cool trip though wonderful lovely foliage!

  2. Wow, now that was one impressive garden with divine views, a real delight to wander with you.

  3. Lovely! The leaves of that plant next to Tom are enormous! Thanks for another wonderful garden tour. :-)

  4. Peter and I visited this garden a couple of years ago on an NPA tour, and enjoyed it very much.

  5. This is certainly an breathtaking garden. I wonder what it would be like to live like those people. Wonder if they're happier than the rest of us? You must have really done some climbing in those gardens. I thought in one picture I was looking at a 'fairy garden' with the colorful chairs before I realized it was the real deal, you were just on a higher level. Beautiful photos.

    1. It was a little fairy garden tucked in along side the house.

  6. People should be given credit for developing and maintain a beautiful garden such as this It takes a lot of work.

  7. What a lovely place to call home. Wow. I sure hope they have help for the care of such a place. It would be a career otherwise.


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