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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Birthday Sunday

Last Saturday - wow, that seems like a long time ago already - we hosted our NPA Open Garden. We had a good turn out, a steady stream of visitors, both members and personal friends, from 10AM to 4PM. I'll post about that later.

Saturday evening we picked up and packed up and set off for Whidbey Island. 
It was nearly dark by the time we arrived at the cabin to join Jill, Isaac, Irene, and Allie. 

Sunday morning we all got a slow start. I had not slept well and was very tired, but it was my birthday and I was determined to enjoy it fully. Jill cooked a yummy breakfast, and then, since there was an extra low tide, we all walked out onto the tide flats of Useless Bay. 

 The kids love to collect things, and Isaac especially will spend hours trying to catch little fish in the tide pools. 

After lunch we eventually collected everyone again for a craft project Jill had planned. We came back over to the beach to select the pebbles and sticks we would need. 

 We all got our flowers created, and then the kids went off to the beach while Jill got out her glue gun. 

 We all took turns gluing. 

 That was a lot easier to organize than using the camera timer to take the official photo.  

 We persevered. 
Later Tom joined them all together and we will find a place in the cabin to hang them. 
 Dinner was a joint effort with grilled teriyaki chicken and bacon wrapped shrimp skewers, foil packet potatoes, green salad and summer fruits, all very yummy.
 As the sun was getting low in the sky we all went for a walk on the beach road. 
 And then we had cake! I see that Tom did not get the cake in his photo. It's hard enough to get all the people looking at the same time, and Mr. Whiskers too! 
It was chocolate zucchini cake, and there was plenty of ice cream to go with it. The kids made cards for me, and presented me with my birthday gift, this objet d'art selected in the gift shop at Redwoods National Park, just one of the places they have been in the first month of summer. 
It's not everyone who can claim to have their very own hand blown glass banana slug! 

Yes, we are a strange lot. We like it that way. 


  1. That glass banana slug is too funny, I love it!! Can't imagine they sell a lot of those. Your craft art for the cabin is a splendid idea. Your time there looks so inviting.

  2. Love your crafty flowers.

  3. Jill is great at thinking of things to make! The craft flowers are really pretty. Sounds like a good birthday to me. I love the pictures and always enjoy seeing your family.

  4. You're definitely not a strange lot but a fun one. I love those flowers everyone made.

  5. lol just what everyone wants for their birthday gift-yellow banana slug. Looks like a perfect day-your grandkids are getting tall!

  6. What a fun birthday! I love the driftwood art, Tom's is my favorite. Happy birthday week, Linda! :-)

  7. Looks like perfect birthday celebration. And what a thoughtful gift -- hahaha.

  8. Happy Birthday you youngster you!!!

  9. Happy birthday Linda. What a great day.

  10. What a great way to spend your Birthday, belated Birthday wishes. Love the art projects, inspirational.

  11. What a marvelous day you were presented with. Family, fun, good food and your very own glass slug. Pretty sure you are the only one in the neighborhood to own one.
    I was blown away at the really cool panels you all made with sticks, stones and shells. Very creative.

  12. Sorry you didn't sleep well but your birthday seems to have gone well nonetheless. Your glass slug is spectacular!


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