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Sunday, July 3, 2016

American Pie....And Other Stuff

I did a lot of cooking today - for tomorrow. 
When my sister-in-law Jan, who is the host of our 4th of July food and fireworks bash,  asked me what kind of pie I was bringing, that song, American Pie, leaped into my mind. and now it is my ear worm and constant companion. 

But the answer is cherry pie and triple berry pie. Triple berry: red raspberry, blue berry and, well, blackberries. The flour and sugar were white. 

I also made brownies, because chocolate has to be at every party, and my requested potato salad. 
We'll start off the day with a parade party at a teacher friend's house, and then we'll watch the neighborhood Normandy Park Parade. Later in the day we will go to Jan's to spend the evening and watch fireworks after dark, which will be about 10:15. I'll take photos, but they will look about the same as last year's. We have a tradition now, a relatively new tradition, formed after our kids came back from Colorado to live here.  

What other stuff? 

Well, Tom's brugmansia is blooming. That's new for us. He finally broke down and bought one this spring when he found a cheap little one in a four inch pot. It grew!
Usually, around these parts, summer doesn't really start until after the rains end about the 5th of July. That is not the case this year. For the first time ever, we have zucchini ready to eat out of the garden. Does this mean we'll have mounds of it by the middle of July?
 And we have sunflowers in bloom already!

Yesterday I picked my first official summer bouquet, of dahlias, daisies and lady's mantle. 
After we got back from eating out this evening - no, I didn't cook dinner too - we hung the flag outside. Inside too. 
Now we are ready to celebrate Independence Day, independence not only from the mother country, but independence for each and every one of us who make this nation our home. As we celebrate , we should remember to honor and cherish our freedoms, and  commit ourselves anew to protecting those freedoms for all of us to enjoy now and in the future. 

Happy Independence Day! Let freedom ring! 


  1. You are amazing. I'm totally amazed by all the cooking. Tom's four inch pot really paid off it seems. Will it come back next year? Love all the beautiful flowers and your patriotism.

  2. Pies look and sound good...we'll have a quiet fourth. Some family coming down this next weekend. Will just listen to the fireworks while stretched out cooling in our beds under the air! Thankful I was born in America!

  3. Mmmmmm, yummy looking pies! And those flowers! Omg, they are beautiful! We had so much rain, my sunflower seeds never grew this year. Happy 4th! Have lots if fun! XO

  4. Those pies look really wonderful, Linda. And your elegant touch graces everything around you, including that magnificent bouquet. I have already eaten some zucchini out of my garden, too! Plenty more to come. :-)

  5. Wow, everything looks so good. Happy 4th.

  6. Happy Fourth with all the family traditions attached. Sounds like a good time!

  7. Glad at your place there is a plan and it sounds like a fun day.

  8. Have a great Independence Day. It's not only important that we know about freedom but celebrate it.

  9. Grrr, thanks for the ear worm and it is such a LONG song. Seriously though, think you might have made me hungry along with the worm. Have a great, fun and safe 4th.

  10. Happy 4th of July, Linda! What a terrific celebration with family. I love your flowers and pies. It all looks amazing!

  11. Do you prefer Betty or Mrs. Crocker or is it Mrs. Smith? In any case, your pies and other creations look delicious! I hope you had a great independence day! Your quarter sawn oak table, quilted piece, depression glass salt and pepper shakers, dahlias from the new world and daisies, even without the flag say America to me - a lovely celebration of the day!

  12. Your photos are beautiful and your food looks scrumptious! Here in Montreal, Canada, we celebrated Canada Day on July 1st. You have a lovely blog and your header is stunning. :)

  13. That is such a lovely bouquet of Dahlias and Lady's Mantle. I must try to duplicate it and then remember NOT to compost it after since then I'll have Lady's Mantle popping up everywhere. It does tend to do that I find.


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