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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Garden #2: The Russell Garden

As described in the Open garden Book:
"The house, located on Hale Passage, was rebuilt on '06 and '07, destroying some mature gardens and creating several new distinct personalities. Upon entering the property you will find large Douglas firs, hemlocks, mature Rhodies, Azaleas and large rocks creating a distinctive Japanese feeling. Several paths, one with a new fountain, lead down and around the house.

A steep bank, held in place by large boulders, has stone steps and newer plantings. The grass area at the base of this bank was the original roadbed of the Fox Island Bridge (now seen in the distance). Beyond the stone wall area raised bed vegetable garden with stone steps leading down to the bulkhead terraced with many perennials. 

 "Two paths lead back to the house where last year a dwarf conifer garden was created."

 "This sunny area is where gardener/designer meets plant lover/collector, and all Japanese serenity and restraint are forsaken." 

"Throughout are numerous pots, ... and way too many of Millie's "I never met a plant I didn't like" plantings. To add to this, almost three years ago I started doing bonsai, which has become a passion."

 "The stone patio leads to a lower eastern portion, reached by large stone steps which continue down to the boathouse and the water. ... Dictated by its closeness to the water and maintenance difficulties, and golfer husband, this area made a perfect fit for a putting green."

By the time we climbed back out of this garden I wished I had brought my walking stick. We have been here before, several years ago, but it is always a treat to visit the creation of a passionate gardener. 


  1. I like the walkways,walls and terraces and how these have been used to show things off.

  2. LOVE all the paths and different levels. Would be great to just wander around in such coolness...

  3. Being near the water makes this one special. I do love the moss found in the Pacific Northwest. Never been able to get my head around succulents in this part of the country. I think of them for dry, southwest climates.

  4. Beautiful, dense and very lovely. Thanks for the tour. :-)

  5. That garden, that view: Wow!

  6. I always love stopping by your pages. All that green is so beautiful. I have a row of cacti and succulents with a couple of geraniums I haven't managed to kill. You sweep me away with these gardens and all the greens. Thank you.


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