Friday, May 16, 2008

At Home

As if spending 25 days in Europe wasn't enough gallivantin', we spent Monday through Wednesday of this week at our family owned beach house on Whidbey Island. As the official gardeners there, we had to check in to weed and edit the garden. We managed one afternoon of sun and got the work done before the rains returned. Then Thursday we drove 200 miles each way to go see my mother in Molalla, Oregon. We had a good visit, told her about our trip, shared our photos, and bought and planted petunias and tomatoes for her. Now we are back home to stay for a while. We were expecting weather in the high 80's, but at 3:00 it is a pleasant 76. We're getting the greenhouse emptied out, distributing pots to the neighbor and around the garden. The planting phase is almost done for this year. We hope to do some sitting and enjoying. Thought for the day: When you do all the work to create a beautiful setting, don't forget to find time to sit back and enjoy it, and to share it with others. I've got to get that rhubarb pie party planned!


  1. something like stop and smell the roses...I agree. 76 degrees sounds delightful it will be 98 this weekend here.

  2. I wish I could stay here a while longer so I can see my garden grow. Unfortunately, we'll be moving in a month and we don't have much room for a garden in Hawaii, I'm afraid. I'll just have to look at your photos.


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