Thursday, May 1, 2008

Name Dropping in Normandy

Claude Monet knew how to garden. I’m glad. We spent the afternoon in what used to be his garden, and it may never have looked better. Tom and I had really built Giverny up in our minds. It may have been the most important stop in this 25 day trip. It did not disappoint. Sun came in and out from behind puffy clouds, changing the light. And isn’t it all about the light? Well, maybe it’s equally about the flowers and foliage too. We have many photos to share from our beautiful experience. This morning belonged to Richard The Loin Hearted, the Norman King of England who built a fortress castle, Chateau Gaillard, on the banks of the Seine at Les Andelys. The bus took us up the hillside so we could explore the ruins and enjoy the scene of the village, river and green fields below. Then we walked down into the village, some of which is very old, one building marked with 1470. Today is May Day, and that means a workers holiday here in Europe, so most shops were closed, but I managed to find one to spend euros in, and others on the cruise were enjoying the several pastry shops. This was a great day one we’ll cherish. Yesterday we spent a great morning in wonderful Rouen. This was the scene of the trial and execution of Joan of Arc, but also of two great cathedrals and many old half timbered buildings. We felt like we were walking through history. Tonight we sail through the night to Conflans. Some will go to Versaille, but we will take a slow day to poke around that city. In the afternoon we sail into Paris, and will have a cruise on the Seine in the evening. Our trip is winding down. We are thinking of home, and of spring in our own garden in Seattle. We hope to bring some spring back with us as it appears Seattle is still shivering in the cold. Au revoir.


  1. I hope you'll post some photos of the garden.

  2. I am certainly looking forward to your pictures of Giverny. Vicki an I have never managed to get up there.



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