Thursday, May 29, 2008


'Columbine' is a word that recalls anguish to some folks in Colorado, and yet that school of infamy is named after the beautiful state flower. That same flower, in many shades and hues, is blooming all over my garden and is to me a thing of beauty.
All of this is just a filler for the real purpose for my second posting today. I discovered that Lin, one of my few readers, has "tagged" me in a blog network, which means I am supposed to write a title for my memoirs in six words, and then ask five others to do the same. I don't have five readers that leave comments, and my friend and family network would not really be interested in playing the game. But for Lin, my faithful reader out there in Utah, I will attempt such an exercise.
I just had a fun conversation with my daughter Jill, who is in the process of packing up herself and her two preschool age kids to fly to Seattle tomorrow for a three week visit. We are all very excited. Issac, five years old, is now very experienced at this process and remembers everything. So of course, each year the same people must be seen, the same places must be visited, and everything done the "right" way. Jill and I laughed because this is just how she and her brother were, and we sometimes wished we were those kinds of parents who didn't establish traditions. History repeats itself with my daughter and her children. This is just another of life's lessons. And that brings me to my title: Learning Life's Lessons All Life Long.


  1. I like it...perfect, "learning life's lessons all life long." We do that and unfortunately our children sometimes repeat our mistakes along their way despite our teaching them differently. Seems everyone has to learn the same lessons for themselves. Thanks for being a good sport with my tag. Try clicking on some of my blog buddies to network and find some new friends. That's how i found your blog was from musing's blog. I consider you a blog buddy now also. Keep writing. I've found I have more readers than commenters cause many can't figure out how to register...thus my blog on being anonymous and I got a cousin who commented that way today.

  2. That's a wonderful meme, Linda. Truly excellent. I must say, I'm continuing to learn Life's lessons, that's for sure.


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