Monday, May 5, 2008

May in Seattle

For those of you looking for pics of Giverny, do not fret. They will appear when I have had time to process all of my 1500 photos! But it is good to be home! And it seems that while we were gone, we missed the cold and rain and snow and hail of "April showers"and we now get to enjoy the "May flowers". May is glorious in the northwest, with the new greens and flowering trees and shrubs. We are thrilled to find that while enjoying Holland tulips, we did not miss our own.
We arrived home Sunday evening (yesterday) after about 24 hours of getting to airports, waiting at airports, and flying 10 hours with a layover in Minneapolis. We are tired, jet lagged, and I am sort of sick from either a cold or some sort of sinusitus. But it doesn't matter because we are home, and we had a great trip. We have groceries, the bills are paid, everything is unpacked and the laundry is done, so now I'll get back to those photos.

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