Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Glass The Contents of Which Are At Mid-level

We all have our pet peeves, don't we? One of mine was activated yesterday, but I graciously kept my mouth shut. The conversation went something like this: "She is a very negative person." "Oh, she's a glass half empty kind of person." "Yes." You may remember that I described myself as a glass half empty sort of person a while back. I said that I would rather be pleasantly surprised than bitterly disappointed. Some would say I was a pessimist. I preferred the term "realist". Some of you identified, some encouraged me to become "hopeful". One wisely said she was a half a glass person, no valuation attached. Half full, half empty, half a glass, half-assed. Whatever. Why do we ascribe a valuation, a judgement, to something that is a matter of style, not character? When I say I look at things as half empty, that means there is more to do. Get busy! That is not negative. It indicates a person who is not satisfied with half a job. How can we make it better? I suppose alternately, a half full person wants to acknowledge the accomplishment so far. Half is good, more might be better, but we've made progress. Look on the bright side. Either way you look at it, the reality is that the valuation comes in what one does next. Character is determined by what you do about the missing half.


  1. I do agree, particularly with your last paragraph!

  2. Linda, I can understand your way of thinking perfectly.
    Judgement .........I think our puritanical culture is just too judgmental in nature, and people rarely take time to consider these things.

    I notice much of the time anyway, these judgments are usually designed to make a person feel somehow superior, but if they looked at themselves, they might not feel so superior. Might ask why they need to compare and judge so much.

    I'll let my judging be limited to what I think is a good cup of coffee, or a good cup of tea, or what politics, or political stance is most compatible to my way of thinking.

    The half full, half empty dialogue should have ended long ago, as simply 'half' brained. :)

    I say I simply have half a glass, not empty, not full, just half..simple and to the point.

  3. and character comes in not judging others who act differently than you do...

  4. I always refer to myself as the 'glass was full, but got knocked over' girl...Seriously, we all have our 'buttons' and I am sorry that your's got pushed. I don't think people are aware of what they say most of the time. Not being mean, just not thinking...

  5. Realist - Optimist with experience

  6. each of the commets above pretty much said it all - and said it well - especially Corey

    way too much judgement these days -

  7. Our culture tends to be too black or white. I loved your final comment directed towards what you do about the missing half.

    I'm more a half-empty person for the same reason you gave - I'd rather be pleasantly surprised than bitterly disappointed.

  8. Linda, thanks for defending the use of the term the glass is half empty. I agree totally. And if the glass is half empty and we have been savoring something good in the glass, that means we have lived long enough to savor half a glass. Some don't live long enough to do so. An if the glass is half empty and we have been working hard to fill it in some fashion or endeavor, it means that we are now half finished with our chore. Yeah!!!!!!

  9. Sometimes it depends on what's IN the glass as to how we perceive it.
    Being a leftie and often thinking differently than many, I am often hoping for the best while expecting not to get it!
    Your post reminds me of a kid whose natural face was a serious one, and he got so tired of people telling him to smile. I totally understood.
    Sometimes the less said...the better.

  10. I've always described myself as a glass half full type of person because I always try to look for the GOOD in things and people. You have made me think about in more depth. I disagree about your perspective a little. I think you are basically a pretty positive person.
    Love from your sister.

  11. Well said - whether it's half full or half empty it's still half so either is correct perspective. The people who annoy me are the ones wearing rose colored glasses and think it's all full all the time. Clueless...

  12. Bravo Linda. You never fail to make me think.


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