Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meme: What's In Your Bag?

Kay took the challenge from Peggy. I'm taking it from Kay.
Rules: Show the bag you carried today with today's contents. No cheating!
Tell where you bought the bag and about how much it cost. This is not a contest. Price is for fun, not competition.
My all purpose bag is from an Eddie Bauer outlet store and cost between $20 to $30 several years ago. It replaced a similar Eagle Creek bag.
The bag has slots for cards and cash and pockets inside of pockets for organization.
Attached to the bag is a compass. The contents include tissues, gum, pill bottle, checkbook, calendar, coin purse, Chapstick, cell phone, clip-on sunglasses, car keys, cabin keys and small multi-tool knife, comb, nail file, notebook, pen and pencil, photo holder.
Yes, sometimes it feels heavy and then I remove anything I don't really need that day or empty out most of the coins in the coin purse. But I do like having my stuff when I need it!
I'm not going to tag anyone, but play if you'd like to.


  1. Hi Linda! I love this! Your photo is so much more neatly and beautifully organized. Frankly, I think everything you have in your purse is practical and nice to have.

  2. that's a fully packed efficient bag with the bare necessities. we women are prepared for any necessity. I now carry food like almonds because of my diabetes in case I need some food and a bottle of water, etc.

  3. Yikes! The very thought of emptyig my handbag in front of anyone is frightening. Wayne appropriately refers to it as my "carry all". The amount of "stuff" I cram inside of it is totally unbelievable.

    I can only aspire to a handbag as well organized as yours. sigh...
    maybe someday. I'd do this exercise, it could be fun... but, seriously, no one would believe I didn't make it up.

  4. Your bag is really well organized..Mine is kind of a mess at present....

  5. I worked for a professor one time that carried a large purse where everything immediately sunk to the bottome. One day she cleaned it out and found a hammer in it.

  6. This is a fun challenge! Unfortunately, I usually just stuff the necessary items in my coat pockets. This would include: ID, debit card, cash, keys, tissues (allergies - can't leave home without them), and cloth to clean glasses. Those are the must haves that always travel with me!

  7. I am always trying to get my pocketbook more organized, and it only lasts for a couple of days! Yours is inspiring!


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