Saturday, February 28, 2009


Often when we hear the name Olympia, it's with a negative tone. It's our state capital and since it's the seat of our state government, there is always someone who doesn't like something coming out of there. But today we were making the trip for pleasure, not business. We went to an antique show held in the old National Guard Armory.
It was a good show with lots of interesting old stuff. Tom found a great watering can at a good price to add to his collection.
It was about noon when we left the Armory, so we looked for lunch near the capitol building. We found a great bakery/cafe.
No, we didn't go crazy here. But a lovely square of moist carrot cake was included with our soup and sandwich lunch.
We had a list of antique stores to check out, but the weather was mild and dry, so we chose instead to tour the capital campus.
The World War I memorial says Memorial to the World War. When it was erected we hadn't had a WWII yet.
Our capitol, technically the Legislative Building, is a majestic structure.
The flags were at half staff to honor a fallen soldier from our state. A greeter waits in the entry hall.
The seal of the state is in the floor of the rotunda.
Overhead is the dome.
The house of Representatives.
A Senator's messy desk. A detail in the Senate. Names of counties rim the ceiling. Seattle is in King County. George resides on a balcony. He has a very shiny nose.
Here's why. The Governor's Mansion is just next door. She wasn't expecting us so we didn't drop in. The capital campus overlooks Capital Lake, which is the southern terminus of Puget Sound. A trail leads down the bluff to the lake path.
We said "Why not?" and set off.
These beauties and their less colorful lady friends met us at the water's edge.
A bald eagle perched high in a tree on the bluff watched all the comings and goings.
We never did make it to any antique stores.


  1. Now I am REALLY excited about our trip your way.

    Funny how your statue's nose is just like the Lincoln nose in Springfield, Illinois.

    Love those water fowl. Gorgeous colors!

  2. fun outing. My son graduated from a college in Olympia so we came up several years ago. It's a fun place to visit. Enjoyed your photos of the capital.

  3. Looks like a fun day! I have only passed through Olympia. Seeing these photos makes me want to go back and spend more time.

  4. A fun outing indeed! Sounds like such fun! Love your photos and the bakery shots almost made me drool on my keyboard. Thanks for sharing it all, so glad you had a good time!

  5. Seems like you had fun..Love the wood duck and the mallard drake..

  6. Nice photos Linda, of your Armory and Legislative buildings. Interesting. - Dave

  7. Wow Linda, good capture on that eagle, well on all of them!! Just shows how big these eagles are out here, tremendous..

    Capitol looks interesting, but the bakery got my heart!!

  8. People here say "Tallahassee" the same way. These are great pictures! Great way to spend the day.

  9. My vote goes to the eagle and the bakery! And the virtual tour was great, too!


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