Friday, February 20, 2009

The Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Today we attended the big garden show at the Convention Center in Seattle. Well, officially it was yesterday, since it's now 1:30 AM, but I was having trouble sleeping so I got up and am catching up with blogging. I deliberately did not take my camera because I did not want to have to fight the crowds to try to get the shots I wanted. Sometimes it's nice just to look. The show has a large number of display gardens, beautifully done with interesting plants, large trees, huge boulders, water features, patios, you name it. Then there is a huge market with garden art, accessories, furniture, tools, books, and plants. Seminars run all day long, and the whole thing lasts five days. We arrived about 9:30 in the morning and left at 7:00 in the evening. We were tired but we had a great time and came away with a few treasures - some dahlia bulbs and some "yard art". This is the 21st show, and unless someone buys the production rights it will be the last, as the current company is going out of business. We have attended all but one of the shows. This show really makes you want to go out and plant things. It was even sunny and above 50 degrees again today. But reality tells you spring is not here and you must wait a bit longer. It will come in it's own good time.


  1. missed seeing some photos of spring wishing it were here...amazing how so many businesses are closing. just found out our car dealer subaro locally is closed. that's where we got our car repaired and several of our favorite restaurants Red River Steakhouse and Dave's Famous BBQ are gone. It's certainly a recession and depression.

  2. Spring will come to you soon, and in the meantime this show seems like the perfect way to keep it in your sights.
    The stores seem eerily empty even on the weekends. It's a little frightening.

  3. My friend from Anchorage went too Linda. I hope to see some photos later. Maybe I can post them on my NZ site? That would be interesting... - Dave

  4. I hope that someone picks it up. It would be a shame if it disappeared.


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