Thursday, September 27, 2012


It has been a busy week.

On Monday Tom and I got all of the speaker wires placed.  This involved me in the house tapping on the floor and poking wires in holes, while Tom was under the house with the dust and spider webs.

On Tuesday our new cabinets were delivered.
There was some tension.  Will they fit?  Will the components fit?  Don't scratch the new floor!

With a bit of adjusting, the cabinets do fit.  The floors were spared.  The old receiver would have fit in the component slot, but we had to buy a new one for extra speakers and it doesn't fit.  We problem solved and decided just to leave one of the cupboard doors off and put it there.

Then we had to decide where everything goes and Tom drilled holes for cables and cords.
 Then we had to hook everything up.
 As you can see, we labeled all of the wires before we placed them in the cabinet and moved it back in place against the wall.

Tom gave me an assignment, hooking up the surround sound speaker wires.

 As night fell, Josy wondered what the heck we were doing now.  There's always something weird going on around here lately.
 By the time the shows I wanted to watch were on, we had achieved TV and sound.
 On Wednesday I had a lot of shopping to do and errands to run.  Tom drilled a few more holes and made some adjustments.  In the afternoon we began placing the shelves and filling them up.

 Tom's pop-up books are back on the shelves where Irene, who loves them, can get to them.  Much of my pottery collection is back on display.  One shelf was the wrong size, so we have a call in to get that fixed.
 Speakers have been added to the mix, but most of them are small.

The sub woofer is clunky.  Obviously we will be going to the lighting store to find a new solution for light in the corner.
 Today Tom spent a lot of time trying to hook up the turn table - yes, we still have some old record albums we like to play, especially at Christmas.  Alas, we are not getting sound from the turn table or the speakers in the other rooms, so more problem solving and some tech support are yet to come.

Finally Tom hung the old family heirloom picture back over the fireplace.
 There are still a few things to do, but it's beginning to look like home, like we hoped it would.  We are very happy with our renovations.  As for the cabinets, as you can see, it is all about the TV!

 Meanwhile, upstairs, Tad has set up the new computer and installed some of the programs.  Now Carbonite is restoring our files.  I tried to use it to upload these photos and messed it up, so Tom had to get Carbonite going again.  I'm loving my lap top right now.  It was kept us connected.

We certainly live in a wired world.  It's good to be connected.


  1. I am impressed! That is a monumental task anymore - to get all the wires to the right place AND to try to keep them from being unsightly. Your room looks wonderful!

  2. It all looks very grand Linda and oh my gosh, I do love your big TV.

  3. Yay! Your family room is beautiful. I love it all. Your computer room is great too, Linda. Now things are just as you want them. Congrats.

    Kathy M.

  4. You certainly got the better end of the wiring deal--avoiding the dust and spiders. The room looks perfect. Enjoy it to the max.

  5. What a big screen! It worked perfectly, it seems. Congratulations to everybody for getting it done so well! :-)

  6. This room has come together beautifully!!! I'm impressed that you did that wiring and that you could get down on the floor and up again! :)

  7. I'm so very happy for you all! Everything looks totally perfect! Wow! I love your new entertainment center and working very hard not to be envious. You're right that we are a very wired society right now. I find it very difficult when I'm not connected.

  8. That is a lot of work. I wouldn't have been up to it, even with David helping. Interesting that you still own a turntable and have LPs to play. We gave ours away more than 20 years ago and have only CDs now.

  9. what a major accomplishment. we have built in shelves so we resist buying a hd tv screen-what a lot of work. congrats!

  10. We certainly do live in a world that is wired to keep us all connected. You are fortunate that Tom is so good at being able to do all of this. This type of work requires a lot of patience in addition to knowledge. Nice job!

    I love your new wall! It is beautiful. You will enjoy this space so much in the days to come. It is done just in time for the cooler temperatures when we spend more time indoors.

  11. I have been watching your reno with is lovely and thank you for your comments, I do appreciate them..I had a nice visit with my daughter and got to meet her was interesting...


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