Thursday, November 1, 2012

When October Goes

When October goes
The beauty still remains,
It lingers in leaf and bloom
Through cold November rains.

Especially this year, with a late and lingering summer, color is still happening here in the Pacific Northwest.

We have been having day after day of endless rain, so most of the beauty of our yard has been appreciated for indoors. 

Here the "Halloween " cactus mimics the color outside.

 Someone commented on the "pine needles'\" on the patio.  Actually it is the old needles of the Western Red Cedar which shelters the patio.  It's messy, but wonderful none-the-less.
 This is the view from the bedroom window of the full moon maple in the front yard.

 Today the rain stopped. I was able to go out with my camera this morning before getting to work in the yard.

 The Korean dogwood and witch hazel were still green a few days ago.

 The big leaf maple down the street has finally gone golden.

 Kaffir lilies are late bloomers.

 From dull to full color to leaf drop is such a short time.  

 It's great to be able to "borrow" color from the neighbor too.

 I dug some dahlias,and raked the lawn this morning.  This afternoon Tom was finally able to mow.  I spent the afternoon edging the lawn.

It was great to finally get outside to work.  We hope to do some more tomorrow, in between breakfast with friends and an evening Sounders match.  My back already hurts  but you've gotta' make hay while the sun shines, or at least when the rain stops.


  1. You do have some gorgeous colors!! Terrific captures for the day, Linda, as always! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Hope you have a good weekend -- not sure we'll have much sun, but it isn't really cold and that's good!

  2. Spectacular. This post was a delight to the eyes.

  3. Oh how I love the fall colors, but they're with us such a brief time. Perhaps that's why we love them so much.

  4. Really beautiful. You have a regular Eden in your yard.

  5. I especially like that last picture, it's so beautiful. We do live in a very wonderful place, and your back yard is incredibly wonderful all by itself. Nice picture of you, too. :-)

  6. looks like the secret garden-so pretty!

  7. Linda och Tom !!
    Våra gratulationer till den vackraste trädgården vi någonsin sett. Fantastiska färger och mästerlig komposition. Tack för att vi får se trädgården genom bloggen.
    Inga-Britt och Bernt.

  8. It would really bother me to have such a tall tree overhanging my house. I had all but one tree cut down in my yard. Now I can relax. Pretty pictures though.

  9. What a joy it must be to be surrounded by all that Autumn color. Have a great weekend Linda!

  10. Wow! Your yard is gorgeous and it must be a lot of hard work. I always use the excuse that the deer would eat my efforts, so I don't do anything in my woods. If I could build an 8 foot solid fence, I might have a fighting chance to have a garden. It is fun to look at your pictures and I'm sure it is nice to live in a garden as gorgeous as yours.

  11. What beautiful leaf colourings Linda. I saved your last picture for my desktop wallpaper - Dave.

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  13. Wow, Linda! I never get tired of looking at your incredible photos. You have the MOST beautiful yard around. It's a slice of paradise.


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