Sunday, March 24, 2013

Salvage Yard Saturday

Our little garden club, the Joyful Gardeners, meets once a month to share tips and ideas, and to go on field trips. Yesterday, for our March meeting, one of our members organized a visit to three salvage stores, where we could shop for treasures that might be re-purposed into landscape  features or "yard art".

Out first stop was in Ballard at ReStore.  It turned out to be the best, because it was the junkiest.  
I pointed this out to tTom for an idea right away, but he rejected it, even though there were plenty of options to choose from.
We met up with our other members as we shopped.  Here Janet and Fran discuss possibilities.
 Sondra likes stone and tile, but she drives a hard bargain.  Sherril and Janet look on.

 Trang and Fran explore the plumbing.
 I loved this salvage yard cat.
 Tom checks out doorknobs.  He bought a few, thinking of them as bird house features.

Along with the door knobs, we bought several glass light fixture shades for making glass flowers, and these two pieces. The blue window will have mirror glass inserted and be hung in the garden in some strategic location, and the little yellow shelf will be added to Irene's playhouse, which this year will become her garden shop.
We went to two more places, and several people found things, but they were much more suited to useful elements of building supply.
 It was good, though, to see all of the materials that are being recycled for re-use in small scale construction instead of going into the landfill.
Perhaps the best stop was for lunch at Macrina Bakery in SODO.

 Maybe I like it best because we had a good chance to visit.  We are still getting to know each other.
Or maybe it's because I had this!
Brioche french toast with Marion berries and hazelnut cream, served with chicken/apple sausage.  Oh My!


  1. Indeed "Oh My" on that plate of food. Wow. I really like your mirror idea and for sure Irene is going to like her yellow shelves. What a fun day.

  2. Love the food, but wonder about your purchases. Lol.

  3. I love the re-use of things..Michelle

  4. A day like that can be so much fun, just letting your imagination jump all over the place. The yellow shelves look perfect for a small flower shop. Irene will for sure be running her own business someday.

  5. looks like fun especially the eating!

  6. That sounds like my kind of place. Your garden club sounds like mine.
    The food looks entirely too yummy.

  7. Wow! What an interesting place. And that plate of food, even though I'm not hungry, my mouth actually watered! :-)

  8. Looks like a very interesting place to browse.

  9. You two are definitely our kind of people. You have so much fun! I have fun just reading about what you're doing. I love your buys! It's the sort of thing we'd get if we had the space... sigh... and the garden.


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