Sunday, March 17, 2013

Walking It Off

The problem with loving a sports team is that they are bound to let you down.  In sports there are winners and losers, or in the case of soccer, neither one.

We had a big Sounders match at the stadium at 5:00 yesterday.  After some heavy showers earlier, the sky cleared and it didn't rain!  That in itself was a victory of sorts, because 45 degree rain is not fun.

Our opponent was our great rival, the Portland Timbers.  The Sounders scored a goal early, in the 12th minute, and held off the aggressive Timbers until the 90th minute, when they scored to end the match in a tie.  It felt like a loss. All of us Sounders fans are bummed out today.

To add to that, standing on concrete for the march and the match annoyed my sciatica issue, which I had had under control. I was hoping it was gone.  I slept poorly last night.

But this morning the sun was shining, and while it was still cold and breezy, I announced to Tom that we were going for a walk together. It would not be an aerobic walk, but just a walk, someplace where there were things blooming. 

We chose a park nearby that was created in the clear zone under the flight path of SeaTac Airport.  There is a small botanical garden, and a small Japanese garden, both of which were created with plants and structures saved when the area was cleared of homes.  

North SeaTac Park has old streets, plants and shrubs that used to grow in front yards, and a paved walking trail around the complex that contains play fields and playgrounds.

As we strolled we passed kids playing soccer, rugby and baseball.  Other people were out strolling or walking their dogs.  It was a great way to walk off the blues and get the body moving again. And there were things blooming.  

 Catkins on the contorted filbert are flowers too.

 Remnants of last season still linger.
 Alder catkins may be the pollen producers that are causing some of us to start spring sneezing already.

Spring is starting to pop out all over now.  And Spring officially arrives on Wednesday!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Happy Spring!

And yes, walking it off did help, but I still nodded off for a few minutes in my recliner at 2:30 this afternoon.  With no energy for cooking, we're going out now for burgers.  

Maybe it's just spring fever.


  1. I've been sneezing and needing help to keep my allergies under control, but everything is making me smile, Linda. I love your new header picture and the Japanese garden is breathtaking. :-)

  2. Well, I have to say that we really liked that 90th minute goal down here in Oregon!

  3. Oh, no! I've been inviltrated by the enemy! Oh, well, I'm am Oreginian by birth, and Portland WAS my first big city experience.

  4. Hi Linda, while I may not be able to relate to everything you said, I can certainly relate to sleeping poorly, I have had several of those nights myself. You have a really nice blog, and your photos are lovely.

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  6. Ouch, ties should be outlawed. Did not know any sports allowed that.
    What a wonderful place to walk and observe. Spring is here also.

  7. You have the best places for walks...and so many different kinds of blooms. I always enjoy your photos.

  8. beautiful place to walk, we are full of blooming trees now and it's wonderful after a cold winter that did in a lot of palm trees...

  9. Hope that sciatic nerve calms down. I know it can be very painful.

    We're scheduled to get 10-15" of snow tomorrow, so your photos of blooms just about broke my heart. :)

  10. I can see a walk like that lifting your spirits. I hope your back is back to 100% very soon. Sorry for the loss. I know that can be disappointing (aggravating?). Such amazing photos!

  11. I love those flowers, something to cheer me up. Sorry for the tie, but a loss would have been worse! Lol.

  12. Linda, I have enjoyed catching up. I think that it is wonderful that you guys go to the games in person; we would most likely settle for t.v. even if we lived close by. I haven't been to an Oregon Game since the early 80's, even when I lived in Eugene all those years.

    I loved your park pictures, they are so pretty. We have had some nice weather, but no flowers yet and the branches are still bare brown.

    I was reading about your books in the post below, and they both look very interesting.

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Yes, you are right about Seaside being a tourist town. But it is fun every several years, and it is neat for the kids too.

    Kathy M.

  13. Beautiful photographs..spring is there..lucky you! I enjoyed your photos very much:)


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