Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Easter Bunny Came

This bunny wasn't moving very fast, so I had to help out. 
After a great ham dinner, if I do say so myself, we gathered on the patio in the sunshine for the egg hunt.

Somehow I was too busy to take many photos.  Since I was the Easter Bunny, it seems I had to keep circling the yard, checking to see what wasn't found yet and then give clues.

Big kids and little kids had fun.  But rightly so, the little kids got the most eggs.

Some eggs had candy, and some had cash.  The chocolate was melting in the sun, so shade was needed to harvest the candy.

Jake, who is not into candy, set up a candy store.  "Hey Irene, I'll sell you my candy for some of your cash."

 My Aunt Evelyn was content to sit in the sun and visit, along with my cousins Kris and Dan, and Tom, there under that chapeau. 
 When it comes to photography, Corey is even more attached to his camera than I am.  He found lots in the yard to photograph, which kept him happy.
It was a lovely day.  There was even dessert, lots of it.  Here is Jill's creation, a sunflower cake made from Peeps.
Now the guests are gone.  The kitchen is cleaned up and the dishes done and put away.  Tomorrow I'll pack up the decorations and plant out the flowers I used for the centerpiece. 
Tomorrow will be a slower day.  And for now, it's time to rest.  And maybe have some more dessert!


  1. Nice photos of a great party, Linda. My aunt hosted 7 of us at a buffet lunch, but I didn't bring my camera. The food was outstanding!

  2. Looks like you had beautiful weather! We did too, but we didn't do anything special to mark the day. We worked in the garden and got the tractor running.

  3. This is such an awesome Easter post, Linda. Uncle Jake is such a fun guy. I'll bet Irene didn't fall for that joke. Looks like a wonderful, fun day! That sunflower cake is totally amazing. Jill is a chip off the ol' block.

  4. EAster was fun for us also. See my blog today. Had a wonderful visit with my youngest grandkiddies!

  5. That looks like so much fun. It must be such a satisfying feeling to have had the time with family to think about as you nibble some dessert.

  6. I love that pretty Easter basket filled with flowers, Linda. And that incredible sunshine! Wasn't it just a wonderful day? You make a pretty fine bunny... not to mention photographer. The cake is quite inventive! :-)

  7. If those were Cadbury eggs, I'd have gladly traded my cash.
    Looks like you had a marvelous day.

  8. Happy that Peeps cake..very cool:)

  9. The Peeps cake is very cool. Kudos to Jill for making such an interesting and memorable dessert. I bet it was as good as it looks.


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