Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Vernal Equinox

Welcome Spring!
Well, yes, it's raining.  It's about 45 degrees.  But it is spring.  Rain is what happens here in spring.  At least we're not buried in snow, as many of our blogger friends in the northeast are. The vernal equinox occurred at 4:02 AM here in the PDT zone.  

As gardeners, we pay attention to the weather, so we can "make hay while the sun shines".
That's our lovely verdant lawn after Tom thatched it.  Much of that green is actually moss. 

We spent most of Monday and Tuesday working outside, getting as much done as we could.  The lawn has been raked, and lime and fertilizer applied.  Plants have been dug and divided and replanted.  The rain arrived Tuesday afternoon just as expected.

For now we'll enjoy Spring from indoors.

Happy Spring to you all!


  1. We're not exactly buried in snow, but it's safe to say nothing will get done in my gardens until May. The sun is shining, though, so yesterday's snow will go down quickly. Meanwhile, my pots of seedlings are doing well at the kitchen window.

  2. It must feel good now that you've had your hands in the dirt and can see some progress.

  3. Even in this early time your gardens look verdant. We're still mostly in browns!

  4. Happy Spring to you Linda, I am sure you are both eager to begin gardening.

  5. Enjoy. My spring had a hiccup and we are expecting snow tonight. I just now put row covers over my veggies. I may have planted too soon but we will see.
    I know you are trying to get rid of your moss and I would love a yard full.

  6. I'll be out hiking tomorrow in the 70% chance of rain weather. The wind has died down, and the temperatures are supposed to drop WAY down tonight, with the snow level at 500 feet, meaning we will probably into some of the white stuff tomorrow. Your yard is looking beautiful, Linda. I always love to visit you there. :-)

  7. I do miss that euphoria of spring. I love looking at your garden. It always makes me sigh at the beauty of it. You know how I dislike all the concrete I have.

  8. rain serves its purpose and helps spring to come everywhere...lovely yard!

  9. We have been having weather in the 60s, and I personally hate it. Give me warm weather, please!

  10. Springtime in Vermont is nothing like your area. When we get home in a few weeks, everything will be brown and covered with road sludge and there will be burrowing animal trails all over the lawn. It is ugly and discouraging, but in a couple of more weeks it all changes and we enjoy the brief period between mud season and summer.

  11. I'm going with the "all moss" look on my lawns. :) It is soft and green and hardly ever needs mowing, and I don't put any chemicals into our little lake. Of course, I'll never make it into "Sunset" magazine, but you might. Your yard is beautiful even before things really start blooming.

  12. We are covered in snow. Your photos make a bright spot for me.

  13. It is so pretty. It is always amazing to see your "before" and "after" yard pictures.

    Have a wonderful week, Linda.

    Kathy M.

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