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Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Day With the Kids

It was a good Mother's day.  

The rain held off, and the sun even came out.

There was was lots of good food, but as usual, I forgot to take photos of it.  

 The dining room table was set for an indoor picnic.  We dined at 1:30.  Jill gets to take the centerpiece home as her Mother's Day bouquet.
 Jill and Irene husked the corn.
I manned the kitchen and prepared the fruit salad.

We slow cooked the ribs in the oven and then Tom finished them on the outdoor grill, after the foil packet potatoes were done.  The asparagus was cooked at the last minute.

We all enjoyed good eating and each other's company.  It isn't often that just we six are together.

Irene was thrilled that we had the shed ready for her to move into and she spent quite a bit of time this afternoon setting up shop, with Grandma's help, of course.  

Here she's making sure any customers know that her special tree, Tree-e, is not for sale.

 Isaac got his Uncle Jake to play soccer.  Jill played some too.
 When Irene and I went for a flower walk around the yard, she discovered the wisteria bower, and had to have her mom come and experience it.
 With a basket full of samples of "What's blooming", Irene returned to the flower shop to display her pickings.

Later Jake and I and the kids played some games before Jake headed home.  Jill went off to play soccer with a women's team, something she just got back into after not playing since Junior High.  She just reported on Facebook that she scored her first goal EVER! Now she's on her way here to pick up the kids, who are washed and brushed and in their PJs, ready to go straight to bed once they get home.

I'm about ready to sink into my recliner for a few hours of down time.

It was a good Mother's Day.


  1. Great pictures, but I have to say you didn't "man" the kitchen as you certainly "womanned" it instead! Happy Mother's Day! Glad the sun came out for you. We didn't see it at all up here... :-)

  2. Nice, pleasant way to spend Mother's Day. Irene is such a beautiful girl. Very photogenic.

  3. Looks like you all had a nice Mother's Day Linda - Dave

  4. Happy Mother's Day one day late. Great pics!

  5. A wonderful day. I just love the flower shop. Dinner sounds fabulous! Do you have fresh corn already?

  6. Great that you had a good Mother's Day with your family. You made everything fun. I like the phone your grandaughter has on the table. I have one of them around the house that could be used for the same thing.

  7. You all had a lovely day. I love reading how Irene is not only discover what booms when, but she is also learning the art of flower arranging.

    Good for Jill for getting out there to kick the ball around. This is therapeutic. I played soccer the one and only time in my life after my divorce. Being on a team, playing games, impressing my children with my drive and assertiveness on the field built my confidence, released my frustrations, and gave me a great healthy outlet for my fear and anger. Go Jill!

  8. That meal sounded way too good. Now I am hungry.
    Impressed that Jill is playing soccer. That really takes a lot of energy and is super exercise. Congrats on her first of many goals.
    What a cute flower arranger. She didn't fall far from the grandparent tree did she?

  9. always fun to be with family for mother/grandmother day...

  10. What a nice Mother's Day! Love the flower shop.


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