Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What's Up?

When one has been a frequent publisher of blog posts, and then starts leaving big gaps between posts, it can cause concern.  So it is that at least one of my "people", as I refer to you, my loyal readers, felt the need to reach out with a personal email, checking up to see if I was OK.

I am perfectly OK, if perhaps a little unsettled.  But also, I've been busy.

Monday and Tuesday we went to Whidbey Island.

On Wednesday Irene was "sick" and spent the day with us.  Turns out that upset tummy didn't last very long, and we had fun setting up her garden shop.  

On Thursday Tom traveled with my brother-in-law to Rockaway Beach to meet with contractors on that ongoing remodel project.  He returned in time for dinner Friday evening.  During that time I went shopping: Petsmart, JoAnn's, Costco, Safeway; made curtains for Irene's flower-shop-in-the-shed, exercised, and started on a sewing project I have been putting off.

                                                       Garden shop curtains.
                     Sewing project.  Someday it might be a quilted jacket.

Saturday Morning we had a garden tour of a local botanical garden with our garden club.

Saturday evening we went to a Sounders soccer match at the stadium that was amazing, a 4-2 win over the MLS leading team.

Sunday morning we recovered, I went for a four mile walk, then greeted Corey and the kids, who had been camping near Sequim, fed them lunch, and took Corey to the airport to go back to Colorado.  Shortly after that Jill arrived from her overnight Mountaineers class, which she was the leader of.  The Gibsons departed, leaving us time to get to some Open Gardens near Bothel and Monroe, and then dinner out.

That last place was a groomed, edited, thirty year project of a walk in the woods!  Wow!

Where was I?  Monday?  Oh, we cleaned house and then worked in the yard, dragging ourselves in for dinner and to plop down in front of the TV.  

Today we bought a shed for Jill, which we will now have to find time to erect, and I worked on my sewing and went for a walk, where I got rained on.  But it was just a short shower, and I got dried off when the sun came back out again.  

So all is well here.  

We've been following the political "scandals", watching and waiting for the Republicans to burn themselves out again. And of course we've followed the devastation in Moore, OK, relieved to hear this morning that the death toll had actually been lowered.  We're heard it before, but I'll say it again, "Thank a teacher today".  


  1. Yup, you were busy, all right. Good to read your post.

  2. You have the best excuse for not posting. Busy and fun times. So glad your Sounders soundly beat the leading team.
    I think all our hearts are in Ok these days. These days we barely get past one tragedy when another strikes.

  3. I wasn't worried, and you are one of my favorite bloggers. I guess my own life gets all caught up in stuff, too, and time flies when I'm not looking. It sounds like you've been plenty busy! :-)

  4. I go out of breath just reading your about your day to day life and I am amazed that you ever find time to write--but I am glad that you do. And the pictures...well, they speak for themselves.

  5. you were missed but sometimes life take priority over the blog world...lol!

  6. You've convinced me that you're a busy girl. I always tell people to remember that blogging is a hobby and that you have a life to live so go live the life. I like your walk through the lush garden.

  7. You've convinced me that you're a busy girl. I always tell people to remember that blogging is a hobby and that you have a life to live so go live the life. I like your walk through the lush garden.

  8. I feel better now. I can't go too many days without a Reeder family report.

  9. You have been very busy. You are always on the go. I loved the 'walk' you went on. I hope the children, Jill, and all concerned are adjusting to the new normal. It is wonderful that as grandparents you are there to be so supportive.

  10. Lovely valences. I cannot sew so I appreciate anyone that can! I enjoyed the walk through those lush gardens:)

  11. I love that you're busy with so many lovely things

    the curtains are great, tell Irene I'd love to visit her shop

    the material for the maybe jacket is really pretty

    hugs from me and Hope

  12. Well you have a right to be extra busy and feeling bit 'off' about situations. but we all are glad to hear from you.
    Oh I miss going to Bay View Farm and Garden. Their arbor is so beautiful and it is just perfect too.
    I like your new header (well new to me).
    the garden tour was great and the walk in the 'woods' so refreshing.

  13. As Lin says "sometimes life does take priority." It is nice to be missed though, don't you think?

    Love your garden photos, Linda. The colors are so vibrant! Gorgeous! Glad to hear that Irene was not seriously ill.


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