Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, my weekend has been great so far!  

We left for our 1:00 Sounders match at 11:00 this morning, and rode the Link into the city.  We reported for fan duty at the Starbucks on Occidental and sat with our coffee and goodies to watch the March to the Match.  But the march was detoured due to street construction, so we just caught it going by a block away, coffee in hand.
 We trailed along behind this time instead of joining in the marching and chanting.
 At the stadium, Robyn, one of our supporter group leaders, was being interviewed.  
 It's time to clap the players onto the field.
 Singing the National Anthem.

 Scarves Up, Seattle!

 Boom!  First kick streamers!
 Half time, ahead 2-0, and time for a shade break.
 Sitting in the north end, directly in the sun, with the temp near eighty, is toasty.  I'm hoping I'm not crispy.  But yes, I did use sun screen, and I'm fine.
 We finished with a flourish, with goal #4!

 Mauro Rosales is one good lookin' guy.  Could that have anything to do with why he's the favorite player of both Jill and her mother?
It was a great game, and after helping to take down banners and put away flags, we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon in the city.
 We walked uptown to the Farmer's Market. There was a special, extended flower market for Mother's Day.  The stalls along the street went on and on.  It was so beautiful!  

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are mothers, who have been mothers, who have mothers to honor, or were blessed with mothers you are remembering.  Bouquets to you all!


  1. A very Happy Mother's Day to you, Linda!! Looks as though you've had a great weekend so far!! Enjoy!! Terrific captures and gorgeous flowers!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Linda! Those colorful flowers are awesome. Congrats to the Sounders on their victory! Fun times!

  3. Wasn't it a beautiful day yesterday? I couldn't believe how lovely it was. It's raining now, but that's okay. And thank you so much for the lovely bouquets. Congratulations to the Sounders and all their supporters! :-)

  4. looks like a fun day, I'm with family teaching Emilee how to blog!

  5. You had an awesome day. I didn't know soccer was so huge on the west coast. No wonder you went to the market with all the flowers on display.

  6. Those matches look like so much fun!

    I loved all the flower pictures too.

    Happy Mother's Day, Linda.

    Kathy M.

  7. Well it sounds like you had a fun day. What with the sounder's game and a trip to the Market and downtown. Glad the sounders won and the weather was hot.
    You garden at home is so lush and beautiful.
    Hearts will mend and the pain will ease.
    Happy Mother's day to you and Jill.

  8. What a fun day you had. The bouquets are so beautiful. I love the French iris with tulips.

  9. Love the flowers at the Farmer's Market!


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