Friday, May 10, 2013

New Beginnings

With my emotions in turmoil, I have been blessed with another week of good weather, and a garden to claim my attention.  As we deal with the sense of loss that comes with the break up of our daughter's family, with the sadness, and sometimes the anger, we have spent ourselves making our little corner of the world more beautiful and productive.
 The pots are all planted, and the annuals are set out.

 The bulbs are about finished, and tulips have been replaced by dahlias.

 Everything is filling in, and the lush season has begun.

 It's columbine time.
 And yes, the glass flowers have been planted too.

 The vegetable garden is planted.

 The wisteria is coming into bloom right on schedule for Mother's Day.

 My wonderful husband is washing windows.

The shed has been emptied and is ready for Irene and isaac to set up their garden shop business.
 The tomatoes Tom started from seed are planted in a hot spot.
 More tomatoes and geraniums from the green house are awaiting transportation to their destinations.

 There are a few buds on the roses.

 Delicate spring flowers from the garden grace the kitchen table.

With rhubarb from the garden I've just baked a cake for Sunday.  We have a Sounders soccer match at the stadium Saturday afternoon.  I'm expecting the whole family to be there.  Then on Sunday we'll be joined by our two kids and our two grand kids to celebrate Mother's Day with ribs.  Yum!  And cake, of course.

We will continue to have our ups and downs, and to deal with our mixed emotions.

But in my garden all is right with the world.

Now it's time to go sit in the shade.  I have a good book to read.


  1. Gardens are the best place to heal a broken heart and broken lives. God bless you all.

  2. Your property is absolutely gorgeous. I see a lot of work done over the years. It is the perfect place to heal!

  3. All that beauty can't help but lift spirits. What an amazingly lush garden you have.
    Have a very good Mother's Day.

  4. I can see that you and Tom have put a lot of effort into your garden. It really looks nice, Linda. Good job! I hope for the best for your daughter and grandkids.

  5. Your garden is so inspiring... But I hear you... It is so hard when this happens....

  6. I'm so glad it is such a beautiful time in the garden. I hope the children find a lot of happiness in the garden with their grandparents. Perhaps Jake ca be of help to Jill. You don't appear to be a family that will let this situation get the best of you. You will grieve & move on.

  7. You have a yard that will keep you busy for hours every day. Awesome garden.
    It's tough when your kids separate. It brings about a real sense of loss and sadness. Time does heal and life goes on. Many times it's for the better.

  8. gardening is healing and spending time together there as a family will bring peace...there is growth possible from any trial we face but it takes time and forgiveness.

  9. The garden is beautiful. What a lot of work you have done! Ours is just starting to fill in. We'll be working on it this weekend, and I will harvest our rubarb too. I think I'm going to try and make a pie.

  10. I really can not imagine the Garden of Eden being any nicer. I wish you a Happy Mothers' Day even knowing that it may be poignant.

  11. My garden is coming along, small and compact as it is. But I'm not filling it with lots of stuff this year, taking my time and having fun pulling weeds. I'm sorry that your family is having these problems, but I am awfully glad the kids are close now and you don't have to travel anywhere to visit them. Have a happy Mother's Day in spite of it all, Linda. You deserve it.

  12. I love how you are focusing on the positive things. I can't believe how your gardens have transformed in such a short period of time. Everything is so beautiful, and I love the transformation of the shed. The phone made me smile.

    Kathy M.

  13. My garden is where I go for a mental health break also. Your's is amazing! Looks like you're ready for Sunset magazine to take pictures.


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