Monday, September 23, 2013

Just Another Reason Why I Love Amazon

I was reading my Kindle at 10:30 last night when I got a warning that the battery was low.  My Kindle PaperWhite can go a long time without recharging, so I forget that it actually needs to be plugged in once in a while.  

I don't remember the last time I charged it, and therein lay the problem. I went to plug it in so that I could read some more in bed, and something was missing.
 This.  The outlet adapter.  I couldn't very well plug it in without a plug!
 I looked once, twice, three times in all the places it could be.  I thought I remembered using it at the Whidbey cabin, and I pictured it there still plugged into the outlet under the work table.  

We had no  plans to get back there soon, and I didn't know if it was really there. I am 90% finished with a very long novel, and I really wanted to finish it.    So I went online at 11:00 last night to see if I could get a replacement. This is an Amazon product, and sure enough, they had just that piece, not in a package with any other accessories.  With Amazon Prime, which we purchased this year to see if we will get our money back from the $75 investment, I could get it for $19.99 and no shipping with a three day delivery time.  For $3.99 more I could get it in 24 hours.  I chose that.  

Last year we were just under way into a three week trip when we got an email that our MasterCard was security compromised - again- and they were going to cancel it and mail us a new card.  But we were not at home, and everything was pre-booked to the old card.  We called Bank of America and got an extension.  This had happened too many times, so when I got back home from that trip, I got a second, back up credit card.  I decided to go with the Amazon Visa card, and now every time we order from Amazon, the purchase goes on the card.  We get reward points. 

So, back to the Amazon order. I used the Amazon Visa credit card reward points I had accumulated, which were $18.10.  That brought the cost of the outlet adapter with tax and shipping to $8.16.  I placed the order after 11:00 last night.

At about 4:00 this afternoon it was delivered to my door.
 And now my Kindle is charging away and was doing so while I sat in my recliner and read for an hour this afternoon.  It's a rainy day, and my work was done. 

My kindle and I are happy.

And I love Amazon!


  1. I love Amazon and Amazon Prime too! Just took delivery of a set of Doc Martin DVDs that I ordered on the weekend!

  2. I ordered two books from Amazon just today. What a great retailer!

  3. I love Amazon too. Although my husband no longer works there, they were the company that paid to move us out here from Massachusetts 5 years ago. I know whenever I can't find what I want in a real store, I can probably find it on Amazon.

  4. Well, congrats on getting that plug.

  5. I use the Amazon credit card for everything. Well, except for when I am in the local, independent book store. That would be not PC.

  6. I rely heavily on Amazon and have never been burned. Pretty sure I got my solar ETG-SOL1500 back up charger from them. I got it mainly for power outage back up and it only needs the USB cable to fully charge a Kindle should I misplace the adapter.

  7. Frustrating to misplace something you need, hope you find the other one so you have a spare. I order a few things from Amazon..I ordered a book last week:)

  8. Now I thought the end of the story would be that you found the old plug. That's the way I wanted it to end...a happy ending.

  9. I had to get a second Kindle adapter too when our luggage when to Texas and we were in Vegas during our Canyons trip.

    I've heard great things about Amazon Prime and am really tempted. I'm so glad you were able to get such a good deal with your adapter!

    I just borrowed Dan Brown's new book, Inferno on my Kindle right now and Art has it on his Fire so we're reading it at the same time. Is the PaperWhite a lot different?

  10. Interesting post - I just ordered a Paperwhite Kindle to replace the Kindle I dropped on our tile floors last winter. I thought I could learn to live without the Kindle, but I really did miss it. I thought they weren't shipping the Paperwhite until Sept 30. This has me worried as I'm having it shipped to Georgia and we won't be there until October 2 or 3.

  11. We live in an amazing age! Hooray for speedy delivery and great products! I've enjoyed my kindle fire very much but it does need recharging a little more often than your newer incarnation!


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