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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Presidents Day With My Favorite Granddaughter

Since I only have one granddaughter and one grandson, it's OK to have a favorite of each. 

On Monday Jill had boy scout duty with Isaac, so we got to spend much of the day with Irene. I decided we would leave Grandpa at home while we girls went shopping at the mall.

I don't like shopping, but Irene does, and I like Irene. Shopping seemed like a good way to get her off her screens and actually spend time with her. It worked. We had fun.

We parked in the parking garage at South Center Mall, and entered the mall through The Container Store. This is a relatively new addition to our mall. If you have one of these stores around, you might know what I mean about them being addictive. We could both spend an hour in there easily.
 There were cool stools,
 and basket attractions
 And Irene needed to leave her mark on the kids drawing table. 
She said this is very cool stuff, but at that price we left it hanging for now. 
While I waited for tech support in the Apple Store, Irene entertained herself with an iPad Mini and found an app she noted on her phone to download later. Sadly, my sweet little iPod Nano on/off button cannot be repaired, so I can replace it, or just use it on my plug in sound system at home. Subsequently I have mastered downloading all of my walking music onto my iPhone by upgrading all of my iTune apps. Got that?

 Then it was beverage break time at Starbucks. Irene's drink of choice is the Vanilla Bean Frappe. I go for the Grande Non-fat Latte, and a bit of chocolate on the side. On coffee breaks playing with your phone is standard practice. (Just a note - Irene's phone is a used iPhone with games and photo ability, and that's about it. No Internet, no texting.)
 Another new store that we all like is the Lego Store. We did a lot of looking, but no buying.  Lego were big in the Christmas haul, so the kids are stocked up for now. 

We went into a couple of clothing stores. Justice is geared just for pre-teen girls, and is always a place to see what's "in" this month. Irene did find a hot pink selfie stick that  was "just what I need"! Grandma bought it. 

Irene and her mother were at Target recently and Irene saw clothing she really liked. She talked me into driving over there. When I saw that her picks were almost out of stock, I had her try on the separate pieces to a matching outfit we managed to put together. She was very excited and wanted to wear them out of the store. Then I told her she didn't even get to take them home yet. I was putting them away until her birthday in April.  While she was disappointed, she quietly acquiesced. She gets it. Grandma is not that soft of a touch.
After three and a half hours of shopping, we went home for a late lunch. She had her standard favorite at Grandma's house - Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup, saltine crackers, and an apple. 

Not long after that, her mother and brother were ready for her back at their house.

Later, I got a photo of Jill and Irene taken using the new selfie stick, and a text about Irene chattering on about her shopping trip. 

I had a great time too!


  1. Come on, Grandma, you ARE a soft touch. It's impossible not to indulge that gorgeous favorite granddaughter of yours. Love the outfit and look forward to seeing her in it. :-)

  2. Irene has always been pretty but the older she gets the prettier she gets. I only have one grandchild, a 13 year old boy. He spends the day with us one day a week. Our "together" time is a trip to two Goodwill stores where he looks for electronic games etc. I find me a chair & play with my phone because I don't have a clue about that stuff he looks at. He finds me when it's time to pay.

  3. I love these times, but mine are not that often since we live an hour away. Oh well, when I do get the kids we do similar things.

  4. how fun, I'm flying north on sat to spend time with my six grandkids up in the snow!

  5. I love having one on one time with my grandkids. Shopping is always a good plan for my granddaughter as well.

  6. It's nice to spend time with a granddaughter.

  7. 3 1/2 hours of shopping is good time with a granddaughter. I'm afraid I couldn't do 3 1/2 hours of shopping.

  8. How nice that your can claim favorites and not hurt anyone. You really had a nice day shopping and that outfit is really sharp. Nice job grandma. She can use her selfie stick when she gets the outfit to model.

  9. What a treat to spend that time with your grand-daughter.

  10. I'm glad you both had such a great time!

  11. Goodness! I feel like I've known about Irene since she was almost a toddler. She gets more beautiful each year. What a joyful day! You are so very lucky to have this precious time together. We do have this other thing in common in addition to both our mothers' names being Violet. I have a favorite granddaughter and favorite grandson too.


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