Monday, February 15, 2016

Sunday With My Valentine

We didn't know how much it would rain on Sunday. We just knew that it would.

Fortunately, even though the sky was leaden, we escaped with nary a drop of precipitation at the Ballard Farmers Market.  
Our son Jake now lives in Ballard, a city within the city of Seattle, and even though he was working at his new job as a city mail carrier for the USPS, delivering Amazon parcels on Sundays, we had some things to drop off at his place, so we decided the Farmer's Market would be a fun place to spend some morning time. 

First stop was this cool little mini doughnut maker, where we bought six for $2.00, picked up some coffee at a nearby coffee shop, and enjoyed a most delectable treat of absolutely fresh, warm doughnuts.
We joined the throngs who were also out and about in this thriving urban village. 
Once I had finished my doughnuts and coffee, my hands were free and I pulled out my iPhone to snap photos. 

 It's surprising how many urban dwellers have dogs. Dogs are actually more prevalent than kids.

 I was trying to get both the dog and the beer guys in the photo, since we have lots of both in Ballard, but I sort of missed both objectives. 
 So I just focused on the two happy-to-pose beer guys. 

 When big dogs meet little dogs, it's usually the little dogs that act tough. 
 The toddlers loved the street musicians. 
 We talked to this young woman, realized we had visited this cheese maker in Bow, and bought a chunk of yummy cheese from her. 
 We talked to the mushroom man too.
 And the egg guy. 
 We spent about an hour and a half just enjoying the ambiance of the market and the people. Then we drove over to Jake's apartment and dropped off a few things. I forgot the pot of primroses for his door step, so we'll have to make a return visit on Friday when we go back into the city for an appointment. 

We were due back home by 2:00 for an appointment with a Comcast technician, we we just went home early for lunch.

A few days ago, the DVR feature went out on our cable box. We tried phone service, but the reset didn't fix the problem, so we set up a service call. 

Ron arrived a bit early, saw the problem, and set about to install a new cable box. This is an upgrade on equipment to a computerized Xfinity box. When he had everything installed, we got a tutorial on how to use the new technology. You may have seen the commercials. We now have a remote we can talk to. We can tell it to record programs, go to a certain channel, all sorts of commands. And I think I know the right buttons to push to make it all happen. I downloaded some Xfinity apps on my phone so I can record remotely, in case there is something I forgot to program or just learned about. I can watch TV shows on my phone. Will I? I don't know, but I can!

It's all really cool stuff, and since this was a replacement for Comcast equipment that had malfunctioned, there was no cost for the service call and there is no additional charge for the upgraded technology. Happy Valentine's Day! And Ron was just a great guy to work with. 

Later in the evening Tom and I went out to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. 

It was very busy, but we were in no hurry, so we enjoyed our Margaritas while waiting for our food. 

Back home for the evening, we watched our Sunday evening shows, Madame Secretary and Downton Abby, and with the ability to now get closed caption I didn't once have to ask Tom "What did they say?".

It was a good day. 


  1. I was shocked the first time I went to a farmer's market, there were dogs everywhere. There surely has to be more dogs in Oregon than Texas or perhaps Texans don't take their dogs out with them as much. I'm going to send a link to this post to my children & see what they think. We have Frontier. Might have to switch to Comcast. Would it be worth it? Don't know.

    1. I can't say that I love the idea of people taking their dogs everywhere, but I am getting used to it, since it happens all the time around here. It's like the dog is their child, they work all week, so on weekends they want "quality and quantity time" with their animal.

  2. Wonderful to have a market at this time of year! Ours doesn't start til May 24th.

  3. You have the best farmers market/art fairs in Seattle. What a lovely Valentines you had with Tom.

  4. It sounds like it was simply a wonderful day! We don't allow dogs at the Farmers Market here in Belllngham because of their habit of lifting their legs on the produce. Maybe I should check out that new cable box. Ours is ancient. :-)

  5. sounds like a busy day...and a remote you can talk to-amazing!

  6. Dogs are everywhere in VT and in Florida they are even allowed in restaurants. When I stumble over one at a crowded venue I want to ask if the dog is really that into fresh veggies/art/sidewalk sales, etc.

  7. Life is good ! That was a great day!

  8. I love farmer's markets and if I had one closer I would do all my shopping there!

  9. Nice way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

  10. What a neat market with so many choices. Loved all the dogs and yes, the little dogs do have an attitude. You really had a very pleasant a Valentine's day. Maybe even perfect.

  11. I'm always envious when I see Farmer's Markets in Washington. We have nothing like that around here except in from mid-summer to late-fall. Even then, our Farmer's Markets can't compete with yours. This one is especially charming. We see dogs everywhere these days. My husband says they are brought into the Apple Store all the time. We see them at the grocery store, in restaurants, and at the lumber yard. Loews allows folks to walk their dogs inside the store during the winter.

  12. What a lovely Valentine's day you had with your hubby. Only thing that could have made it better would probably be some sunshine!!

  13. Sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day to me. The farmer's market in Wake Forest put a stop to people bringing their dogs to the market. It offended quite a few people. I was selling at that market at the time. I kind of enjoyed seeing all the different dogs walk through

  14. Nice market post! I never think about going to Farmer's Markets until summer, so it was nice to see how much amazing produce you can find at this time of year!

  15. What a fun market, those buckets of Tulips were awesome:)


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