Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Vagaries of Weather

Facebook likes to remind us of what we posted in years gone by. Today, February 9th, 2016, I found this photo of the same day two years ago. 
Today the witch hazel looked like this. 

Yes, that's blue sky you see in the background.
And this just popped up on Facebook.
It just officially hit 63° at the airport, which is just a mile or so away from us, but our weather station recorded a high of 64.3°!

Of course we spent quite a bit of time outside. 

We had 40° fog this morning and we were in no hurry to get going. I got some grocery shopping done, and by this time the fog had cleared and we got in a walk in the sunshine that had me shedding layers as I walked. Back home I went through my floor exercises before spending time at lunch with the newspaper and the online New York Times Opinion page. Tom got going outside a lot faster than I did, but I joined him in adding to the growing pile of purnings  that is the overflow from the two already full yard waste bins. 

It felt great to be working out in the yard for the second day in a row in such pleasant weather. It won't last, of course. Rain may return tomorrow.  The camellias won't like the rain. 

This spoon and fork flower won't mind the rain though. It's just borrowing its color from the flowering kale. 

With not much to pick for bouquets from the yard, my kitchen table blooms come from the grocery store. 
I've got to have color for the dark days.

But today was spectacular!


  1. Nice to see your green:) Looks real pretty to me:)

  2. It was indeed beautiful. We've had a chronic drainage problem that kept part of our patio flooded with water and mud. This week a french drain was installed and the patio power washed. It looks so nice out there but everything was green, everywhere I looked it was green. I took myself to the grocery store and purchased 3 very bright primroses and some little johnny-jump-ups to make me smile. It's a start at adding some spring color.

  3. Our few warm days are over, and supposedly, we will have a low of 17 degrees by Sunday. Your table looks pretty and cheerful with the pink flowers.

  4. Yes the rain is returning just in time for my hike on Thursday! But for the last two weeks we expected rain and didn't get it, so we're overdue. :-)

  5. we are warming here too but it will stay awhile-love the taste of spring, it's tantalizing!

  6. Such a beautiful photo of the pinks and reds. Valentine's day is just a bit away. Need to find something silly for my hubby.

  7. Your garden is so lovely. Such peculiar weather. I live in SE Washington now but used to live in Seattle. Still miss the camellias, my yard had something that bloomed nearly year 'round. I so enjoy your photos.

  8. It's always interesting to look back. It seems that a picture reminds us of all that happened on that day. With the weather you have you're going to have lots of yardwork. My only yardwork will be shovelling snow.

  9. That spoon and fork flower is so clever. Loved the look of snow on the witch hazel. What a pretty plant. I must get some.

  10. Wouldn't you know it, the beautiful weather hit while I had school during the day and was teaching night classes. Now that I have time to spend in the garden, the rain and wind have returned. Glad you had some time to enjoy working outside.


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