Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Northwest Flower and Garden Show: Part 1, The display gardens

Between appointments and lunches this week, we squeezed in a day at our favorite garden show of the year, and a chance to experience Spring in all of it's glory. 

This show features large display gardens produced by Northwest designers and nurseries. They are loaded with interesting plants, structures, and artistic pieces. The theme of this year's show was America the Beautiful. Here are some of the 23 gardens. 
( I didn't take my camera because I wasn't really going to spend much time on photography this year, but then I found I couldn't resist, so these photos are taken with my iPhone 5. Therefore they are not the best and some are not so sharply focused. Sorry about that.)
 I do love glass in the garden. Here the glass was the garden.
 The Arboretum Foundation created a walk in the woods, PNW style.  
 A fire look out tower crowned this floriferous mountain top. 
Mosaic art adorned this English country garden. 
 Lighting provided the color in this pond setting. 
 The title of this garden was "From Sea To Shining Sea", or from Coupeville on Whidbey Island in the west to Nantucket in the east.

 Dan Robinson of Elandan Gardens is a bonsai master and always creates masterpieces of stone and scrupled plant life. 
 Want to buy a rock? That small one on the left is only 1500 pounds. I like the bench and the layered stone. 
 This fun garden featured giant plastic pots that were lighted in their bases to create a colorful glow.

This grand prize winner, titled The Mini Tetons, was a masterpiece of scale and perception. 

 Honoring our great Southwestern National Parks, this desert garden featured wonderful hot/dry climate plants. 

 In contrast, we jump to the "12th Hole at Augusta National".

 And then we are off to Alaska and streams filled with salmon. 

 The Orchid Society presented"An Eruption of Orchids".
 This one smelled like chocolate!
 Of course the eruption featured a volcano, in honor of Hawaii's Volcano National Park. 
 I don't remember the name of this garden, but we were amazed by the surface of this deck, with cut-to-fit slabs of cedar. 

 See the USA in...your own back yard, complete with camper trailer and outdoor kitchen. 
And there you have a glimpse of what it is like to go to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. 


  1. Well, I for one am glad you succumbed to the urge to take photos. They turned out beautifully, even if they were taken with your phone. I had to miss the show this year because of surgery, and have been checking out everyone's photos on blogs and on Facebook.

  2. I used to go to these shows...our most famous is the one in Philadelphia of course. They really get my ideas up and then when I get back home I see how much work is really required. Now today I honestly WILL get out in the high40/low 50 degree weather before rain this afternoon and do some cutting of perennials.

  3. Landscapers/gardeners seem to be more creative every year. I can see that rock will be a big part of landscaping this year.

  4. I have always liked the F&G show. When I worked at the Nursery (Emery's Garden) we showed there several years and I always worked it. It was fun Sometimes I would be on the shuttle bus carrying flats of flowers to refresh. Again it was fun. Great shots.

  5. Oh my, so beautiful. All those spring flowers makes the heart sing.

  6. So very beautiful, Linda! I didn't make it this year, but your wonderful pictures make up for it. :-)

  7. You had no idea that I was waiting for those photos.

  8. Beautiful displays. I was disappointed to read Portland, Maine, will not have a garden show this year.

  9. The show is always a great place to experience a bit of early spring!

  10. wow what a variety of plants and arrangements!

  11. You had me right off the bat with that first photo. Such an amazing sight. That's what heaven will look like for me ( I hope).

  12. Yes, those first two pictures did it for me too. How pretty!! I would love to sit on that bench for a while.

  13. Oh my gosh! I loved every one of your photos. They really make me feel like I was there to. Actually, you make me wish I actually was there.


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