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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Garden Club Visit to Soos Creek Botanical Garden.

It was a mild, dry Saturday morning, perhaps our last for quite a while. The sky was white with high thin clouds and a film of smoke from wild fires. The conditions were perfect for photography. 
This display of small flowered dahlias at the entrance was so lovely. 
Looking across the pond and out to the long borders. 
Hardy fuchsias are at their peak. 

Color and texture combinations in the borders. 

Spent banana bloom and tiny bananas forming. 
Crab apples. This is the fruiting and seed season. 

Behind me I heard, "Look at those hips!" Fortunately they were talking about the roses. 

The barberries are spectacular!

Fall blooming cyclamen. 
Down at the bottom of the borders we enter the shrub garden and arboretum. 
I've always had a special place in my heart for late bloomers, being one myself. :-)
This ant hill was located under a pine tree. The resourceful ants did not have to go far for building material. 
My favorite tree in the garden, this snake bark maple. 

Back on the path that winds along the backside of the border. 

There is a demonstration vegetable garden, with an intensive drip watering system. 

Along a perimeter path we found this rare shrub, a spoon tree. 
The blooms in the rose garden are sparse now.  

But the hardy fuchsia garden is in its prime!

Oh, we found the spoon handles!

After several hours of wandering and visiting and enjoying, we returned to the entrance garden. 
The rains may come and the warmth may dissipate, but we will bee happy. For everything there is a season. 

I will be away from my computer and the Internet for a while. By the time I return, it will be autumn. I am a girl of summer, but fall will come, ready or not. So be it. 

My phone does Facebook, though, so some of you may see me there. :-)


  1. how fun. love the end of summer blooms. it's that time here too. I'm amazed at all the flowers, and shrubs, trees you can identify...

  2. The great variety of bloom colors is amazing. Now there are many shades of green.

  3. Had to smile at the "hips". What a lovely place and they evidently don't have raccoons. Did you ask them what they did to repel them?
    Have a nice hiatus and see you back here soon.

  4. All of this is beautiful. My favorite though are the small flowered dahlias and the last picture of all the small blooms and colors. That spoon tree. It that a real shrub, or are those real spoons? They look like real spoons to me. That about the "hips" is so funny.

  5. The hardy Fuchsias are so lovely. They were obviously irrigated. Mine suffered from the dry summer and don't compare with those.
    Enjoy your time away!!

  6. Made me laugh about the rose hips. Wonderful pictures, and I am one who will see you on Facebook, so I won't be missing out. :-)

  7. It's a beautiful time of year in this garden! Like you, I'm a summer lover but autumn has it's charms! The rare spoon tree made me laugh as did your "look at those hips" comment! Hope you're having fun while you're away from the computer!

  8. Oh the spoon tree was awesome! Those fuchsias are every so pretty! What a beautiful place to spend a day:)


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