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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Peace Arch Park

It was back on August 23-24 that we drove north to Vancouver, BC to attend a Sounders soccer match. We managed to squeeze a lot in that 36 hours.

On the way north, I looked at the park at the border and made a note to stop on the way back through.
And so we did. We waited at the border check, then drove to the American side and parked in a lot adjacent to the American portion of the park, the Peace Arch Historical Park.

The waters of Semiahmoo Bay of Puget Sound glisten in the background. This is the western most border section between the USA and Canada, on the Pacific Ocean Coast. 
 This is the American Kitchen. There are large picnic areas on both sides of the border. 

A very grand old tree. 
 Border marker. Although cars are stopped and checked, people can wander freely. 

 The floral plantings are much more elaborate in the Canadian side in the Peach Arch Provincial Park. 

 The Peace Arch was dedicated in 1921, celebrating the long lasting peace between these two nations. 

 The Arch was inspired and built by Samuel Hill, eminent road builder. 

I don't know when or if we'll cross this border again, so I'm happy that we got to see and do so much in this this short trip. But who knows, maybe we'll follow the Sounders up here again!. 


  1. I noticed the park several years ago when we crossed the border for a trip to Vancouver, and wondered if there was much of a garden there. It looks like a great garden! Thanks for sharing your photos of it.

  2. I had heard about the Peace Arch but had no idea there were extensive gardens as well.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. It is lovely to see Peace Arch Park!

  4. I've crossed the border many times but didn't know about the park. Thank you for the great tour! :-)

  5. fun park, always nice to travel then to come home to America!

  6. You have given me something new to cosider when we had west to Vancouver next summer. Thanks for this incedible post.

  7. You really made the trip count and what a lovely park. Could do with out that long line of cars though.

  8. What a grand park! I used to cross this border a couple of times a year when we drove to Alaska for the summer and back here in the fall but never thought to stop and enjoy the space.


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