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Monday, September 11, 2017

Laurie and Arnold's 50th

On Sunday we were honored to help my sister Laurie and her husband Arnold celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. The event was held at their home near Winlock, WA, and was hosted by their children Ben, Katie, and Andy.

It was a beautiful day, a wonderful reason to celebrate, a job very well done by the "kids", and a chance to see and visit with old friends and family members.

We "girls" were very interested in the wedding photos, of course. Fifty years! Oh, my, how we've changed!
 The "bride", Laurie, and our cousin Kris, who was just a small child back then. 

 This was our family in 1967: our little sister Betty Jo, who left us too early, brother Henry Jr., Laurie and Arn, sister Ilene, me, our mother Violet, Dad Henry Sr. and brother Don. 
 And the wedding party. I remember making my dress and my little sister's dress. I was living in Seattle and teaching and Laurie had just finished nursing school in Portland. The bride's maids were good friends of Laurie's, Verna and Joan. Verna also just happened to be Arnold's sister. That's a clue as to how this couple got together. 
 Here are our brothers now, with their wives: Hank's wife Cindy, Don's wife Sheree, Don, and Hank. Don and Sheree traveled from Boston to be here. 
As people gathered, they visited and got re-acquainted. 
Then there was eating, of course. 

Laurie and Arnold's kids surprised them with having their pastor come prepared to have them renew their vows. It seems that 50 years ago the pastor of the Lutheran church on Oregon City was so concerned about the soloist that he forgot to have them do their vows. At least that's the story Arnold tells.  So now it's official. They have confirmed their "I do's". 

Many of their grandchildren looking on. 

And then there was cake!
Each person at the gathering told who they are, how they are connected to Laurie and Arnold, and what role they might have had in the wedding. 
There was lots more visiting, and for some of us, a trip out to the huge vegetable garden for some fresh produce. 

And here we are 50 years later. 


  1. How wonderful! Congrats to your sis and her husband.

  2. What a delightful day, and look, you all put politics aside and enjoyed the day. A wonderful day. Bob and I will be married 55 years the 28th of this month.

  3. Lovely! We've got 4 years to go.

  4. Congratulations to your sister and her husband! This is an awesome milestone. Your photos are beautiful, absolutely breath taking. My husband and I celebrated 48 years this past July. I enjoyed your post and your photos.

  5. What a lovely day and it looks like a lot of fun was had by all. Congrats to your sister and her husband.

  6. A sweet gathering and special celebration! Congratulations to your sister and her husband for finally exchanging vows!

  7. Such a wonderful celebration, wishing them many more happy years together.

  8. Oh, so lovely! And the weather was fine and everybody looks so happy. Thank you for sharing this, Linda. I love the story of them not having said "I do" fifty years ago! :-)

  9. amazing how fast the years go...i just spent the weekend with the few family members remaining in my Johnson family. fun to recall the good old days...and be together...

  10. What a lovely party. I am so glad the weather cooperated.

  11. Congrats to your sister and her husband. Loved the photo of them holding hands during the service. It just goes to show that vows don't hold a marriage together. They did fine with out them.

  12. What a grand story. What I like about your post is that they are so family oriented. Our family Never gets together----well there was a funeral or two---but you have FAMILY!!
    Thanks for the introductions

  13. What a wonderful celebration of 50 years! I enjoyed seeing the old wedding photo! And you wore pink again for the vow renewal, you must have planned that! :)

  14. 50 years! That is definitely worth a celebration.

  15. This is so neat! I agree with what MB said have FAMILY! You have such a special family. I love seeing the old pictures, and seeing you with that long hair. And, you made your dress, and your sister's dress. That is amazing! All the pictures are really good.

  16. Wonderful! 50 years is an true accomplishment.


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