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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Vancouver, BC, Part 6: The MOA at UBC

The Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia is renowned for it's collection of artifacts from the First Nation bands of the Pacific Northwest. 

We were here before, many years ago, and it's collection of totem poles has always lingered in my memory. We knew we wanted to make a return visit. This was our second stop on Thursday. 

 Many of the objects here have photographic evidence of where and when they were collected and how they were used. This is an exterior house post. 

 An interior house post that held up the roof bean. 
 An exquisite modern carving.

 Tom has always been intrigued by bent wood cedar boxes. 
 The walls of bentwood boxes, or chests, are made of a single plank of cedar. The corners are scored, then the plank is steamed and bent into four walls, then fastened in just one corner. 

 The basket collection is immense. And all of the drawers under the glass cases hold countless carvings and weavings and tools and so many other treasures. 

 I love the ceremonial masks. The collection here is huge. 

 Heron mask!

 In a special room all of its own is a large modern wooden carving, "The Raven and the First Men". 

 Back in the totem gallery.

 And then a little trip outside to see a recreation of a long house. 

 The exterior of the museum. 
 An old cedar stump. 

It was good to be back here again to experience these treasures of the original culture of the PNW, the place we call home.


  1. I enjoyed this tour very much, Linda. Thanks! :-)

  2. I enjoyed this so much! What an amazing museum. The carving of the raven and the first men was fascinating. The masks and the baskets were wonderful too, but I think I share Tom's keen interest in that carved cedar box. It's a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

  3. You have made my day. I have been drawn to this culture. I love to see their art in any form. The raven opening the clam is marvelous. I am always amazed how big the totems are. How they lifted them way back when is a marvel. Thank you for showing this. If and when I get back out to the NW I will be sure to go here.

  4. These people produced some very fascinating art. We can learn much from their culture.

  5. What a fantastic culture and craftsmanship! I wonder what they looked like. Are they still alive and preserving their heritage?

  6. Now there's somewhere we have never been. Thanks for sharing the pictures ( because I somehow doubt we'll ever go).

  7. You took us on an amazing tour, the totem poles were a delight.

  8. These things are amazing! Simply amazing! That bentwood box seem impossible to do. I was just about as amazed at all the fruits and vegetables and, well, all the food in your last post. :)

  9. What amazing art works. Interesting that most of the ancient works represent a fierce man or creature. That modern art was just beautiful.

  10. Excellent photos! We went there, but I don't remember the exterior places. Darn! That looks so interesting.


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