Greetings from Seattle

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Fun Fall Saturday

My gardening and blogging friend Peter told us about the Sidewalk Sale at Glass Eye Studio in the Fremont district of Seattle. He promised lots of selection and very low prices for blown glass. 

We weren't there to see the long line up as the sale opened at 9:00, but by the time we fought traffic and found parking, there was still plenty to choose from. Peter was right about the selection and the incredible prices. 

I think these might be paper weights, or ornaments, not sure, but this is an example of the quantity. The glass ornaments were on sale for $5.00. There were vases and bowls and garden ornaments and lots of glass pumpkins for unbelievable prices.
 However, the check out line was daunting. We had arranged to pick up our son Jake, who lives nearby, and go to breakfast about 10:00, so after looking at all the wares, we opted to shop instead at a few vendor booths set up along the street, with no lines. 
 I found glass pumpkins and an ornament at one booth. Tom found his birthday present at another. 
 It was hard not to go wild with the garden ornaments, but we restrained ourselves. 
 I loved the industrial background at this stall.

 Then we picked up Jake and had a leisurely breakfast and really good conversation with him. We don't see him that often, but we  keep track of him via Facebook. He is doing very well these days. 

We drove from breakfast in the Greenwood distinct back out to our neighborhood just in time for Irene's soccer game and a chance to catch up with Jill on the sidelines. 
 When we got back home we displayed our fun purchases and I picked some fresh flowers to go with them. We bought a similar pumpkin to give to Jill. 

 Tom picked out this blue one. 
 And he tried out his new glass "plant" in the garden. 

 It will come in for the winter, and may wind up in another location, but it is placed here for now. 
 This glass ornament will hang in my kitchen. 
Since the rain held off, we got a little work done outside. I wiped down the oil cloth table coverings from the patio and put them away, and cleaned up the plastic chairs and got them stored in the shed. Tom watered pots - still no real measurable rain since June.  

It has been windy and debris is falling from the fir and cedar trees. Fall is messy. But it is here and we're OK with that. 


  1. Oh I love the pumpkins and flowers..... what a find!

  2. Those glass pieces are oh so pretty. I especially like Tom’s it will go well with some of the unusual plants he grows. It was good to get a report on Jake and especially good to know he’s doing well. Sounds like you had a good day. Looking at the forecast I see a chance for some rain next week. It’s been a long time coming.

  3. All your glass pieces are fabulous.

  4. Very nice birthday present, Tom. It's what I would have picked, too. Love the pretty flowers and the glass pumpkins, too. It's hard to see the wind and rain return, even though we needed the rain. I guess it really rained in Bellingham today, but I missed it. There'll be more. :-)

  5. Envious! I would have loved that sale!

  6. I really like the glass things you bought and all the ones you resisted! I would have had a hard time too.
    We had a decent rain today but it comes rather late to make much of a difference. The garden is looking tires and a bit shabby by now. Have a relaxing Sunday.

  7. You're friend was right about this place and lots of good glass work.

  8. It was so nice to see you at the sale; You got some beautiful things. Next Glass Eye sidewalk sale is usually in April. The line wasn't too awful as people were in a jovial mood and with two people, one could hold a place in line while the other visited the vendors on either side. Your flowers are gorgeous! I hope to find space for zinnias next year.

  9. Oh, I love the Arum-like glass flower that Tom bought for his birthday present! What a great find.

  10. AS lovely as those things were, the lines would have done me in. How neat that you can pick such beautiful arrangements out of your yard. Like Tom's present. Fits perfectly there.

  11. The pieces you brought home are beautiful. I've had a hard time keeping up lately, but just enjoyed your posts back to 9/22, and the beautiful sunsets.

  12. what a fun day, i would have gone crazy buying glass!

  13. I was in Seattle last week specifically to see the Chihuly Gardens and your pieces reminded me of that!

  14. You really do have the most beautiful glass artwork creations in Seattle. Those are all so gorgeous. I would love to fill our garden with them. Granted, our garden is not anything like your garden.

  15. I love looking at your photos of your glass art and your flowers.

  16. What beautiful post dear Linda!

    great photos of your trip and delightful stuff related to decorations!

    never saw glass pumpkins before ,they are absolutely Gorgeous and pretty!
    you choose lovely items for garden ,kitchen and jill!

    Loved the photo of soccer team so much!

    hope your fall drop you some pleasant rains and nice weather my friend!


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