Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Planting Bulbs and Cleaning Up

I'm starting with a pretty photo of our backyard trees because that's what shows up when I link to Facebook. 
With the sun shining, Monday was a work day. We started with our 3.35 mile walk, and then got busy in the yard. It was time to plant the tulips we had ordered from the Skagit Valley Blub Growers. 

This is how I look when I am playing in the dirt. When we are into projects, we don't even wash our gardening clothes every day. 
 My job is to make the tags, sort the bulbs and get them into the nursery cans.
 Tom puts a layer of garden soil in each can, and then fills them up after I put the bulbs in. 

 When the bulbs are all potted up, we prepare the display bed on top of the wall. The dahlias that were here for the summer have previously been dug and stored. 

Tom dug a trench, I placed the cans, and then we worked together to sink them further into the ground, before covering them up. 

 When I wasn't working on the planting, I was cleaning up the lawn, now that the first Autumnal wind and rain storms have passed. 
 Tom moved on to the raised beds, where he removed the last of the annuals.
 These bulbs were ready for planting in other places the next day.  We were tired. 
 Tuesday we didn't wake up until 9:00!  So we skipped our walk and got going outside about 11:00, after a leisurely breakfast. The sun was lighting up the maple and this was our view from the kitchen window. 
 I spent several hours cleaning out the rose bed and another border, and then placed the bulb cans for planting. 

 While I planted, Tom got the lawn mowed, sucking up what was left of the cedar and fir needles. 
 I was tired by the time I got all of the planting done, what with all of the digging and the ups and downs, so I just walked around with a camera to enjoy the yard a bit before going in to rest before cooking dinner. 

 Tom got two more of the raised beds dug and covered for the winter. 
 The bulbs are in their beds. 
Today, Wednesday, the clouds moved in, and we had a few sprinkles. We went for our walk and I got my exercises done, then we drove to the clinic to get out flu shots. 

I spent the rest of the day grocery shopping at Safeway and Costco and getting everything put away. 

Tom set up his hoop house over one of the garden boxes, and began to move in his bonsai trees. I think he collected pots from around the yard to put in the greenhouse too. 
 4:00 is usually quitting time around here. I was done with my jobs, and found Tom here. He said he was waiting for the leaves to fall off before he put several of his bonsai in the hoop house. He decided he could leave the trees here and come inside to wait. 
Tomorrow will be another work day. 


  1. I still have two beds to clean up. I'm waiting for leaves to quit blowing around.

  2. It is so great that you share so many interests. Must be a good feeling to end the day with so much accomplished.

  3. You are certainly true gardeners. Lots of work, lots of satisfaction.

  4. You got a lot done & your spring tulip display will be magnificent! I've still got a few things to drag inside, mostly tuberous begonias which are waiting for the first frost to cut them down.

  5. I'm so glad you showed how you plant your bulbs in the cans then bury them. I'd like to try that next year
    ( having put my bulbs in already this Fall). I assume you buy new bulbs each year.

  6. You are fantastically organized. Your garden shows that. I have some leftover iris bulbs and I must find a place for them THIS WEEK!

  7. I didn't realize that the bulbs are planted while staying in the pots. That's clever. And I can see why you were so tired. Yesterday (Wednesday) we got quite a lot of rain all day, but today is supposed to be lovely for our hike. :-)

  8. I am so impressed with your organisational skills. All that hard work will bring a stunning show next year.

  9. No wonder you sleep so well. Your daily chores would be my weekly chores. Love the amazing colors and especially the bonsai that is in peak. Didn't realize they did that.

  10. I can just imagine how pretty those tulips will be next spring. It's so interesting how you plant the tulips in pots. I like that picture of you in your work clothes. You are cute as can be! Oh, and that red maple is breathtaking!! Just realized I had missed the pumpkin post. You have the sweetest family. Guess you all will carve pumpkins together again this year, and I will be watching for that fun night.

  11. I am so glad you took time to enjoy this beautiful garden of yours after all that hard work. Everything is looking neat and tidy. Interesting how you pot up your tulips and plant pot and all for display. Those bonsai plants are tremendous. I admire anyone that can do this form of art/gardening.

  12. Your bonsai plants are beautiful. For that matter, your everything is beautiful.

  13. Your tulips will be beautiful in the spring! I used to plant tulips but the deer love them. Your gardens are so much work! I used to have a portable potting station that I could wheel around the gardens, it brought a portable work space to a comfortable level:)

  14. today is supposed to be lovely for our hike. :-)



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