Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Halloween

Sunday afternoon, after attending Isaac's soccer match, we met up at Jill's house to carve our pumpkins. 

Killing pumpkins.
 I got mine done fast, a traditional Jack-o-lantern with no fancy cuts. Everybody else had more creative ideas. 

 Meanwhile we listened to/watched the last quarter of the Seahawks v Texans game. With a minute and a half left, the Hawks passed and ran and passed again for a touchdown! When Richard Sherman then intercepted a Huston pass, the game was ended in a Seahawks victory formation. 
 And the carving went on. Jan had joined us for the afternoon, and observed the artistry. 
 Irene is carving Pusheen, her favorite online cartoon cat. 

 Tom used the stem as a proboscis for his misshapen pumpkin. 
 Jill's  Jack-o-lantern is green. 
  The kids labored long on their creations. 

 Isaac used the stem end, too, for his cool looking creation. 
 Irene's Pusheen.
 Linda and Jill's Jacks.
 Tom and Isaac's non-traditional gorgeous gourds. 

Happy Halloween!


  1. Such a creative bunch, and a good time was had by all... Happy Halloween.

  2. Your pumpkin carving night is just about my favorite part of Halloween. You all are so creative and talented. What a great family you have! I must have said that a hundred times...but it's true! Happy Halloween! I love that last Halloween picture!

  3. What great carvings using the stem! Love Tom's the most. :-)

  4. Jill's kids have really grown up this summer. Carving pumpkins is a great family activity.

  5. Your chilling pumpkin killing (squash slaughter?) always makes me smile; I've been looking forward to it since you posted about the pumpkin patch! This year, I tried one of those fancy carving kits with the kids at school and we made a spider jack-o-lantern using a pattern and special little tools. Unfortunately, I left it at school over the weekend and it started getting squishy and moldy so into the garbage it went.

  6. You are all so clever and it looks like such fun. Kind of liked Tom's the best but they were all great.

  7. Happy Halloween to the entire family! Such clever carving, love them all.

  8. My vote goes first to Irene, second to Tom, and third to Isaac.

  9. They're all great, but Tom's is best I think. I like when people think outside the box - I would never have thought to carve one sideways. I have three weird ones from the garden on my porch uncarved....lazy this year!

  10. Happy oogley spooky day to you all--also

  11. What fun and that final pic is very cool.

  12. Kind of liked Tom's the best but they were all great.


  13. how fun and creative, we spent our halloween driving through the autumn colors around Bonners Ferry, Id in beautiful weather....

  14. What fun! Everyone has their own design! Gosh Irene is looking taller and older! :)

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