Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sibling Gathering

The snow stopped. Most of the highways and roadways cleared, although sister Ilene had a hairy drive from Vernonia, Oregon to Winlock, Washington over hills and tree shaded roads. 

Brother Hank, who is still teaching, caught a bug, no doubt from a kid, and so he and his wife couldn't come. 

My two sisters and I and our cousin Kathleen  gathered at sister Laurie's home for lunch and talk and family history stories. 

These are Ilene's photos, which I have cropped down. Thanks, Ilene.

Laurie prepared a yummy chicken casserole and fruit salad and Ilene brought a tasty broccoli salad. We ate well and laughed well and talked a lot.

We retired to the living room and shared old family photos and my photos of our trip to the homelands in Norway and Sweden and stories we could remember about our Norquist parents and grandparents. Several times we wished that we had asked more questions when we still had these people in our lives. 

We came back to the table for dessert and more sharing. The lemon meringue pie was a big hit, and the pie plates were "licked" clean. The apple dessert was OK, but didn't pass my muster, so that recipe will be tossed. 
Left to right: Laurie, Tom, Linda, Arnold, who is Laurie's husband, Kathleen and her partner Mike. Ilene is behind the camera. 

Tom and Arnold are both big into genealogy, so we have to keep them from getting into the weeds on some of this stuff, but they are very handy for supplying dates and locations. The rest of us just like the stories. 

One can't help but think of the hardships endured by past generations, raising 13 children on a small farm in Montana or South Dakota or the hills of Oregon.

We are blessed with abundance, and blessed to have each other. 


  1. I also wish I'd asked a lot more questions while my parents (and aunts) were still around.
    I'm glad the weather allowed you to have the gathering.

  2. That sounds like a good family gathering and fun to share family stories.

  3. Looks like a nice get together. Memories from those events are important for families. Today I made my first purchase as a single person, cut flowers. Bob never wanted fresh flowers or plants in the house. He didn’t like them dropping leaves and petals.

    1. And now you shall have flowers whenever you want. I have them on my kitchen table almost every day of the year.

  4. In spite of the hardships on farms some very impressive people resulted. And they had a good afternoon of happy stories.

  5. Sounds like a good day sharing stories and good food! :)

  6. ell it doesn't get any better than that, a family get together with good food and lots of chat, memories reflected upon and new ones made.

  7. I love to get together with my siblings, although we are scattered so far apart that we only come together for funerals these days. So I'll just enjoy your family gathering instead! :-)

  8. Well, I just knew the pies would be a hit. :) Several times my sister and I have wished there was someone left in the family who could answer questions. Mama and Daddy are both gone and we have no aunts and uncles left. Oh, there are so many things I should have asked mama. I love your posts and pictures of family.

  9. Moments like these with family sharing stories and laughter are precious!

  10. That looked like such a pleasant time with your relatives.

  11. What a wonderful get together, Linda. This will be a memory to hold dear for years to come.


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